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Hubris, Chris Christie, and Greek Tragedy

Not just Democrats and far-right Republicans, but playwrights and screenwriters, will be jumping all over Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal. Why? Because Chris Christie is caught in a whirlpool of hubris, and the ancient Greeks tragedians have taught us how such … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between an Environmentalist and a Free Market Conservative?

Actually, not that much.  Both are children of the Romantic tradition, but whereas one is enamored of nature, the other is enamored of capitalism. One posits leaving nature (with its natural selections) alone; the other posits leaving the market (with … Continue reading

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“We Rule You, We Fool You”: Classic 1911 Poster Depicting Capitalism Titled “Pyramid of Capitalist System”

When I watched the Republican debates this weekend, and Rick Santorum’s unhinged and flabbergasting assertion Saturday night that classes don’t even exist in the United States, I was put in mind of the below 1911 poster, and thought I’d post … Continue reading

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Let the 30-Year-Old Die!: The Christianist Party Shouts for Crucifixion

This is a must-see. It’s the Republican audience’s reaction to a debate question directed last night to Ron Paul by Wolf Blitzer. The gist of the question was the following: Should society let an employed 30-year-old experiencing a catastrophic health crisis, but lacking insurance, die? … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Rejects the Theory of Evolution

Very discouraging. I didn’t know that Ron Paul was on the anti-science dark side: . I think that this part of his comment is especially noxious and stupid: Well, first I thought it was a very inappropriate question, you know, … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin Have No Jeffersonian Clothes: Ron Paul Favors the Building of the Ground Zero Mosque and Castigates Its Opponents

The so-called ground zero mosque is generating a rift between Jeffersonian libertarian conservatives and those who identify with the Herderite Tea Partiers. The latest evidence of this split can be found in a statement released by the libertarian congressman, Ron Paul, who wrote … Continue reading

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Ron Paul wins the straw poll at CPAC 2010—and Fox News starts up its repetitive meme machine to dampen the result

Mixed reaction, mixed reaction, mixed reaction. Gasps and boos, gasps and boos, gasps and boos. Non-scientific poll, non-scientific poll, non-scientific poll. Fox spins. You decide:

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What’s Wrong with Rush Limbaugh’s Ideology?: The Global Corporate Leviathan and the Balance of Global Power

I like libertarianism, and wish the world could function under its principles. I believe in individual liberty, and think it needs to be given Lockean-like pride of place among human institutions. I would no more want a Hobbesian State than … Continue reading

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Ron Paul is Asked, by Phil Gramm, to Endorse John McCain. His Response: McCain is “Not Somebody I Could Endorse, Ever.”

Libertarian Republican Ron Paul puts it bluntly. On both economic and foreign policy grounds, McCain is “not somebody I could endorse, ever.”

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