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Christopher Hitchens on Bishop Rowan Williams

I didn’t know this about Anglican Bishop Rowan Williams, but Christopher Hitchens asserts that Williams believes (presumably in the name of multiculturalism) that Islamic law should supersede, for British Muslims, the courts in England. If so, anything I’ve ever said … Continue reading

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Scientific Truth v. Religious Poetry: Rowan Williams Uses Poetic Language with Richard Dawkins—and Gets a Bit Tangled Up for Doing So

In this segment from one of his documentaries, Richard Dawkins goes after the notion that all “truths” are on the same footing, then discusses evolution, the virgin birth, and poetic language with Anglican Bishop, Rowan Williams: Of course, as an agnostic I agree … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Sensibility Watch: The Archbishop of Canterbury Says Key Issue is Sexual Fidelity to Your Partner, Not Orientation

On August 7, 2008, The Times of London, on its front page, reported that Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the worldwide Anglican Communion,  believes that gay sexual relationships can “reflect the love of God” in a way that is comparable to … Continue reading

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