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Philosopher Russell Blackford on “the hopeless Argument from Contingency”

Philosopher Russell Blackford efficiently dissects David Hart’s recent claim that God is the one logically necessary being that makes all contingent beings and things (including the universe as a whole) possible:   Much of the rant consists of an attempt to … Continue reading

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Biologist Jerry Coyne and Philosopher Russell Blackford at the Atheist Alliance International Annual Convention in Burbank, Ca., October 3, 2009

I sometimes participate in threads at Jerry Coyne’s blog, and have dialogued in threads that Russell Blackford has also been in, so when I saw them sitting together at this weekend’s big atheist conference in Burbank, California, I introduced myself to them. They were … Continue reading

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The Hamlet Syndrome (“to go or not to go”): Should I Attend the International Atheist Conference This Weekend in Burbank, California?

Dang! Check out the speaker line-up for the International Atheist Conference being held in Burbank, California this weekend! It’s close to where I live. And it’s at the same Marriot Convention Center as the UFO conference that I went to just a … Continue reading

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