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Camille Paglia on the New Atheism and Contemporary Humanism

In an interview posted at Salon today, Camille Paglia lets loose on godless chic, arguing that it has poisoned contemporary film and art: People in the humanities have sunk into this shallow, snobby, liberal style of stereotyping religious believers as … Continue reading

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ARCHETYPAL OVERLOAD! Samsara, Icarus, Nicodemus, The Cynic Diogenes, The Prodigal Son, Kafka’s Hunger Artist, Socrates, Odysseus, Freud’s Oedipal Totem and Taboo Idealized Daddy Memory, and Christian Conversion—All in a Kansas Song! (And Accompanied by a Greek Chorus!)

Really. Listen: Once I rose above the noise and confusion (just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion) I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high! Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man. Though … Continue reading

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