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Scott Brown’s Scalia Flub Could Prove Fatal

Elizabeth Warren makes her Senate contest with Scott Brown about the Supreme Court.

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Scott Brown: Justice Scalia “Model Supreme Court Justice”

In a televised debate from Lowell, Scott Brown stepped in it tonight. Combined with his attack on Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage, this gaffe probably sinks his campaign.

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Scott Brown Staffers and Supporters Engage in Racist Mocking of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage

The Not Ready for Diversity players. Hateful, icky, and ignorant. What’s Cherokee for asshole? __________ Regarding her heritage, Elizabeth Warren recently said this: As a kid, I never asked my mom for documentation when she talked about our Native American heritage. What … Continue reading

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Republican Scott Brown: Barack Obama Born Out of Wedlock

Ladies and gentleman, the next (birther tea-partier) Republican U.S. Senator from Massachusetts?: He doesn’t know about that? I mean, seriously.

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