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After the Abortion Doctor and Holocaust Museum Shootings: Contemporary Right Wing Racism—and the Threat It Poses to President Obama

Shepard Smith basically said aloud what I’ve been thinking for awhile. The hyper-amped far-right in this country is ginning up an atmosphere that makes Obama’s assassination ever more likely. Last week it was the murder of an abortion clinic doctor … Continue reading

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“They are . . . out there in a scary place”: Shepard Smith, After the Holocaust Museum Shooting, Worries About the Fox News E-Mails He Gets from Amped Up Obama Haters

Last week a religious fundamentalist entered a church and killed an abortion doctor; today an Illuminati-conspiracy deranged Antisemite and white supremacist entered the U.S. Holocaust Museum with a rifle, and managed to kill one man before being shot himself. Elements … Continue reading

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