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The Future is Not Us: The New York Times on China’s Rapid Rise

The following quotes from a recent piece in the New York Times (“Power in Numbers: China Aims for High-Tech Primacy”) really jumped out at me. Here’s the first: China’s great weakness may prove to be too much government control. Chinese … Continue reading

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At Last, an Honest Budget: Why I’m Glad Jerry Brown is Governor of California

When Jerry Brown ran for governor last year, I voted for him. One reason I did so was because I believed that he would be likely to keep everything above-board, budget-wise. He has delivered in spades. After recently vetoing a budget … Continue reading

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China vs. America: Advantage the United States (Because of Its Mind Wells)

If a recent projection is to be believed, China and the United States will be at gross domestic product parity sometime around 2016 (each country with a GDP in the 18-20 trillion dollar range). And because China’s growth is likely … Continue reading

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Something Good about America: Not Oil Wells, But Mind Wells

Notice in this 60 Minutes segment that Indian geniuses are not flocking to oil-rich Arab countries where a conformist religion like Islam dominates the culture. Instead, they come to Enlightenment-based secular California, to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is a mind well … Continue reading

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