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Mars Rover Curiosity: Watch for News of Glenelg

__________ Glenelg may yield big Mars news. Notice by the color shadings in the photograph above how Glenelg rests as an intersection point for three quite distinct geological areas. Also notice that the word “Glenelg” is a palindrome (it reads the same … Continue reading

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Two Key Things to Watch for in NASA’s Curiosity Mars Mission: The Alluvial Fan and Mount Sharp

Now that Curiosity has landed, where did it land? Well, first and most obviously, it landed in a five billion-year-old meteor impact crater named Gale Crater. Gale Crater was, for a time, filled with sand and rock, but then wind and … Continue reading

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Mars Life Missions Cancelled: Short Sighted and Evidence of America’s Decline

The following is in the New York Times this week: Just as NASA is on the cusp of answering the most fascinating questions about Mars — is there, was there or could there be life there? — the money needed to provide the answers … Continue reading

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The United States vs. China: Who Will Win the 21st Century’s Outer and Inner Space Races?

The writing is on the wall, Nebuchadnezzar. This little tidbit was in the Washington Times late last year: The median age of NASA’s manned space engineers is now over 55. Over a quarter are past retirement age. Meanwhile, China’s average … Continue reading

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