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Okay, I’m Starting to See UFOs EVERYWHERE!

After a long life of near-total inattention and skeptical dismissal of UFOs, and my recent decision, on the prompting of my UFO enthusiastic retired father, to give the matter a more attentive and sympathetic look, I now find fricken’ UFOs everywhere! I can’t get … Continue reading

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Looking Back More Than 10 Billion Years in Time: NASA’s “Deepest Ever” Galaxy Photo Just Released

Long before there were dinosaurs, and before there was our Earth, and before our own star was even born, these galaxies were. The photo below is the closest we’re ever likely to come to time travel. According to the AP, … Continue reading

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Whistling in the Dark: How Religion—and Its Not-So Distant Cousins (Irony, Humor, Science, and Being Together With Others)—Works to Make the Horror of Life Almost Tolerable

Most of the claims made by institutional religions are absurd. But here is why religion will always be with us: Religion is an absurd response to the absurd. Only when the world ceases to be absurd will religion cease to be absurd. Christopher Hitchens often … Continue reading

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