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Dueling Atheist Philosophers, Batman! Thomas Nagel Now Has an Atheist Ally: Philosopher Bradley Monton of the University of Colorado at Boulder!

The United Front is breaking and it’s on! Stephen Meyer’s ID book has started to divide atheists who are also professional philosophers. First the (once) highly esteemed Thomas Nagel dared to break ranks from the New Atheists, calling, in the … Continue reading

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Philosopher Thomas Nagel Replies to New Atheist “widespread intolerance of any challenge to the dogma that everything in the world must be ultimately explainable by chemistry and physics.”

After taking quite a pummeling among the New Atheist blogs, philosopher Thomas Nagel has responded, in a letter to the Times Literary Supplement, to one critic in particular—chemist Stephen Fletcher—who himself wrote a letter to the Times. Here’s Nagel’s reply to Fletcher … Continue reading

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The New Atheists’ Thomas Nagel Pile-On Continues

Atheist philosopher Thomas Nagel continues to get sassed by his fellow atheists for reviewing favorably, in the Times Literary Supplement, Stephen Meyer’s Intelligent Design book, Signature in the Cell (2009). Philosopher and legal scholar, Brian Leiter, at the University of Chicago, … Continue reading

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New Atheist Heat Rises on Philosopher, Thomas Nagel, for Praising Stephen Meyer’s ID Book, “Signature in the Cell” (2009)

Atheist philosopher, Thomas Nagel, is drawing rhetorical heat from his fellow atheists outraged over his naming of Stephen Meyer’s, Signature in the Cell (2009), as one of the year’s top books. University of Chicago biologist, Jerry Coyne, calls the book that Nagel … Continue reading

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New Atheism vs. Intelligent Design Watch: Atheist Philosopher, Thomas Nagel, Recommends Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell” (2009), and Atheist Jerry Coyne Doesn’t Like Nagel’s Favorable Review One Bit

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that atheist Thomas Nagel is one of the most respected academic philosophers in the world. I think it’s also fair to say that atheist Jerry Coyne, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago, is … Continue reading

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Why I Like Jerry Coyne (and Dean Radin, William Dembski, Michael Behe, and Stephen Meyer as Well)

UPDATE (May 27, 2010): I’ve left my below orignal blog post alone, unedited, from last year. I wrote it in a mood of annoyance. I felt that Coyne was being cruel to people—and name calling—and I responded in kind. I don’t think … Continue reading

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