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Did Jesus Refer to Evolution When He Said, “Many are Called, but Few are Chosen”?

Many are called, but few are chosen. This well-known saying of Jesus (Matthew 22:14) passed through my mind this afternoon, and, when it did, it occurred to me that, if Jesus really is God, then he might have been giving a … Continue reading

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Free Will Confusion Watch: Gnu Atheist Jerry Coyne Calls Humans Molecular Puppets, Then Endorses Sam Harris’s New Year’s Resolution

In a blog post this past summer, evolutionary biologist, Jerry Coyne, didn’t flinch at spelling out the implications of strict naturalism for the idea of free will: We simply don’t like to think that we’re molecular automatons, and so we adopt a … Continue reading

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Atheism on Trial: Robots v. Fairies?

Atheists tend to be comfortable with one, and only one, irreducible thing in the universe: matter. Matter just is. It has no explanation outside itself, but it’s here; it is its nature to be here. Did it just jump into existence … Continue reading

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