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The Hundredth Cricket Phenomenon?: Pregnant Crickets Forewarn Their Young Before Birth! An Opportunity for Natural and Supernatural Speculation?

And that would also mean that baby crickets have prebirth “memories” (either somatic or mental), doesn’t it? There must be a mechanism responsible for this, but what could it possibly be? This today in the New York Times: Researchers from the University … Continue reading

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Evolution v. Creation: Asa Gray, in the “Atlantic Monthly” for June, 1860, Reviewed Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and Clearly Explained Why Science Can Never Be Satisfied with a Supernatural Explanation of Origins

Below is one of the clearest “apologies” for the separation of science from the supernatural that I have ever encountered—and it was written a hundred and fifty years ago. In June of 1860, Asa Gray, in The Atlantic, reviewed favorably … Continue reading

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