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From A Lion Behind A Bush To God Behind The Oz Curtain: The Evolution Of God Belief

What is the relation between God belief and ignorance? I have a colleague in the science department at my college who said this to me yesterday (I’m paraphrasing): “I’m less sympathetic to the young Earth creationist of today than the … Continue reading

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Aquinas and Superstition: Thomist Philosopher Edward Feser Is An Aquinastitionist. What Is That?

Aquinastition. When you mix Aquinas with superstition you get Aquinastition. So an Aquinastitionist is an intellectual Thomist who makes apologies for religious superstition. Thomist philosopher Edward Feser is an example, as displayed in his recent essay, “Religion and Superstition,” in The Routledge … Continue reading

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The soccer ball and the witch doctor

In Spiegel this weekend there was a report on witch doctors in Africa messing with soccer games. A taste: “They bend the lines, bewitch the ball, befuddle the referees (and) paralyze goal keepers,” Bartholomäus Grill, the Africa correspondent for weekly newspaper Die … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of The “Witch” Mama Jane: Sarah Palin, Thomas Muthee, and the Times of London Article on a Kenyan Witchhunt

In June of 2008 Sarah Palin praised Kenyan pastor Thomas Muthee before an Assembly of God congregation, recounting his powerful prayer over her as she was running for governor of Alaska. But today, the Times of London did a fascinating … Continue reading

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