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MIT Physicist Ian Hutchinson Calls Gnu Atheists “Militant” and Wants Greater “Respect” Directed Toward Religion and Faith

At BioLogos, MIT physicist Ian Hutchinson has a theory as to why the gnu atheism, since 9-11, has gained some traction in the culture: the gnu atheists do not offer religion and faith respect: That’s perhaps part of their attraction to a certain segment … Continue reading

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Richard Spiegel on Alvin Plantinga’s Sensus Divinitatis v. Richard Dawkins’s Sensus Bullshititatis

At the Christianity Today website recently, a philosopher by the name of Jim Spiegel (who writes well, I must say) makes the following claim: [There are] moral and psychological dimensions to atheism, ones we cannot ignore. No argument there. And Spiegel … Continue reading

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No Women or Secular Rationalists Need Apply: A Little Introduction to the Greek Peninsula of Athos

The internet magazine, Religion Dispatches, has an interesting article on the peninsula of Athos in Greece, a haven for Greek and Russian Orthodox believers to cultivate a closer walk with God. Or maybe not. If God, after all, turns out to be a woman … Continue reading

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Just Asking

If you are an atheist, and you think that free will, ultimately, does not exist, but you nevertheless act in your day-to-day life as if free will does in fact exist, aren’t you like someone who doesn’t believe in God, but under … Continue reading

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Pretty Good Reasons to Believe in God Watch: Death Fear Reduction

As an agnostic, I would offer the following as a pretty good utilitarian reason for believing in God, and to not be an atheist (were one so inclined): For a lot of people, belief in God appears to reduce the fear of death, and it … Continue reading

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The Matter Delusion?

It occurs to me that somebody could write a scathing book titled, The Matter Delusion, mocking the irrationality and faith-based nature of those who believe that matter has just always existed or that matter popped literally out of nothing at … Continue reading

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The Free Will Delusion v. The God Delusion?

Atheists and agnostics (of which I am one) often insist that religious people should live without illusions or delusions. In other words, atheists and agnostics (in general) profess to believe that people should never believe things that run counter to science or reason. … Continue reading

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A Non-God Collective Delusion?: Mind Control Conspiracy Web Sites Remind Some Mental Health Professionals of the Delusions Shared by Insular Religious and UFO Groups

The NY Times today has a fascinating article on people who believe that they are under constant surveillance by the government—and who comfort one another via Internet sites devoted to this “problem.” The article likens the phenomenon to insular religious groups: The extent of … Continue reading

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Albert Camus on Religion

The French novelist of The Plague, in his The Myth of Sisyphus, wrote: There is only one religion that exists throughout all history, the belief in eternity. This belief is a deception.

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