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Who Can Plausibly Tell Us Who Jesus Was?

That’s easy. Academic scholars. They’re the contemporary experts who study the subject using the historiographic, textual, and archeological methods that have been developed since the Enlightenment. Bart Ehrman (for example) is a far more reliable guide to what the individual gospel … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking Watch: A Lot of Conservatives Still Doubt Barack Obama was Born in Honolulu, but Few Doubt Jesus was Born in Bethlehem. How Come?

Barack Obama has released his long form birth certificate showing that he was born in Honolulu, and yet many Republicans still don’t believe that President Obama was born there. Curiously, those very same Republicans, in the absence of any good … Continue reading

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Richard Rorty in the Gospel of Matthew—or the Reification of Just One Way of Being in the World?

In Matthew is a curiously ironic parable, told by Jesus, that strikes me as something that the neopragmatist Stanford philosopher, Richard Rorty, might have told when he was alive, with proper theatrics, as a joke. In other words, if you think that there is … Continue reading

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