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Albert Camus on Negation and Absurdity

This quote is from Albert Camus’s essay, “Pessimism and Tyranny.” It appeared in COMBAT, September 1945: No, everything is not summed up in negation and absurdity. We know this. But we must first posit negation and absurdity because they are what … Continue reading

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The Cairo Speech: President Barack Obama Channels Reinhold Niebuhr?

A reader at Andrew Sullivan’s blog wrote beautifully today of President Obama’s Cairo speech, comparing his vision to Reinhold Niebuhr’s. Niebuhr, by the way, is one of Obama’s intellectual influences. Obama has said that he has taken from Niebuhr’s books “the compelling … Continue reading

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Direct Apprehension of the Divine: Has Alvin Plantinga Confused Metaphor for Knowledge of God?

Has Notre Dame philosopher and theologian, Alvin Plantinga, the author of Warranted Christian Belief (2000 Oxford), mistaken metaphor for what he calls direct knowledge of God?      I ask this question because early on in his book, Plantinga made an admission … Continue reading

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Miracle, Mystery, and Authority?: Reinhold Niebuhr, Cognitive Dissonance, and The Problem of Evil

Reinhold Niebuhr is a profound and subtle Christian theologian and philosopher, but I notice that he is often too satisfied, whenever he reaches a logical impasse, such as in confronting the thorny problem of why there is evil in the … Continue reading

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