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“Courtly Love, Or, Woman As Thing”: How To Do Lacanian Analysis Like Slavoj Zizek (Or, At Least Understand What He’s Getting At When He Does)

In his essay, “Courtly Love, or, Woman as Thing” (1994) cultural critic Slavoj Zizek (b. 1949) presents courtly love—knight-Lady romance as ritualized in the European Middle Ages—through a Lacanian lens (Jacques Lacan, the psychoanalyst popularly dubbed the “French Freud”). Courtly … Continue reading

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Deduction, Induction, Abduction: The Quick and Dirty Low Down on How to Quickly Distinguish Them

“Socrates is a man. All men are mortal. Therefore, Socrates is mortal.” (If the two premises in a deductive syllogism are true, the conclusion is 100% certain.) “Socrates has a runny nose this morning. It’s allergy season. Socrates probably has … Continue reading

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