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Twitter Meets the Rhetorical Wars over Religion? Are You a Clicheatheist or a Clichetheist?

Actually, I hope that you’re neither, but I would coin these terms for atheists and theists who engage in combative and absolutist rhetoric with each other, and do so unself-critically, without empathy, and with an impatience for nuance, using what psychologist Robert Lifton … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

If you’ve ever wondered how Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have attained such large followings via their daily dishing out of “thought terminating cliches” and oversimplifications, here’s part of the answer:

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Quote of the Day: Robert Lifton on the “thought terminating cliche”

Thought terminating cliches? You know, like the ones that Americans hear weekly from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Here’s the psychologist Robert Lifton, from his book, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism : “The language of the totalist environment is characterized by … Continue reading

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