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Has Felisa Wolfe-Simon Discovered Arsenic Based Life? Chemist Steven Benner is Skeptical for This Reason: “Arsenic compounds break down quickly in water while phosphorus compounds do not.”

The Washington Post today has an exceptionally clear report on Felisa Wolfe-Simon’s claim that she may have found arsenic based life at Mono Lake in California. Here’s how the Post piece opens: All life on Earth – from microbes to elephants … Continue reading

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The Two Trees: Darwin’s and that Mesopotamian One

Visually echoing Charles Darwin’s famous description of life as a great interconnected tree, below is the image of a trunk and branches in which an artist has carved animals. And beside it is a more traditional depiction of the Tree of Life, … Continue reading

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Today’s Atheist Parable (Refuted?): To What Shall We Liken an Amino Acid?

Forget the mustard seed. Behold the amino acid, the building block of the protein, lifeless in itself, and yet, given enough time and chance, it self assembles into the greatest tree of all: the Tree of Life. So is the … Continue reading

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