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Two Paths to Self-Control: The Buddha and Jesus vs. Ulysses and Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor

Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology at Duke University, has an interesting recent blog post on self-control, which he frames as a dual dilemma: should we intensively train ourselves to be serene Buddhas, indifferent in the presence of immediate pleasures that might undermine our larger … Continue reading

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Shakespeare, James Joyce, and the Dirty Encoding in Britney Spears’s “If U Seek Amy”

Recently, Britney Spears has gotten some buzz by subliminally inserting “Fuck me” into the title of her new music video: “If U Seek Amy.” See it or hear it? Maybe this will help: iF-U-CeeK-aME! Naughty. But is it a very original play on words? … Continue reading

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No Matter What You Do, Superman, You’re Still Going to Die: Gilgamesh, Tennyson’s Ulysses, Charles Darwin, and the Nietzschean Quest for Eternal Return

In Part 2 of the Gilgamesh Epic, Gilgamesh says this: Where is the man who can clamber to heaven? Only the gods live for ever with glorious Shamash, but as for us men, our days are numbered, our occupations are … Continue reading

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