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Former Republican Navy Secretary, Jim Webb: Vietnam veterans “are owed, if nothing else, at least a mention, some word of thanks and respect, when a presidential candidate who is their generational peer makes a speech accepting his party’s nomination to be commander-in-chief. And they are owed much more than that — a guarantee that we will never betray the commitment that we made to them and to their loved ones.”

Jim Webb’s devastating retort to Mitt Romney’s 47% comment: Governor Romney and I are about the same age. Like millions of others in our generation, we came to adulthood facing the harsh realities of the Vietnam War. 2.7 million in … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens Undergoes Waterboarding—and Finds It to Be Torture

In the August 2008 Vanity Fair, one of my heroes, author and essayist, Christopher Hitchens, takes us vicariously along with him in an experience of waterboarding. Veteran experts of the procedure waterboarded Hitchens in North Carolina in May, and Hitchens … Continue reading

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