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Sweeping the Prudes into the Dust Bin of History: Camille Paglia on Elizabeth Taylor

Camille Paglia has been working on a book and, consequently, her Internet presence has been near to zip for more than a year. But Salon recently interviewed her on the death of Elizabeth Taylor, and here’s part of what she had to … Continue reading

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Blogging UFOs: Yikes! I See Lots of Parallels Between God Belief and UFO Belief!

In thinking about UFOs the past few weeks, I’m struck by similarities between UFO belief and God belief. Here are just some of the striking parallels that jump out at me: Like the God question, the UFO question could be solved by … Continue reading

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PZ Myers and The Iconoclastic Temptation: Five Ways that a Cathedral Icon and a Communion Host Are Similar, and Two Reasons This Makes PZ Myers an Iconoclast

Five ways that a cathedral icon of the Virgin Mary and a communion wafer are similar: Both a Virgin Mary icon and a communion wafer are fashioned for a sacred purpose. Cathedral icons and communion wafers are used for purposes of ritual, symbol, … Continue reading

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Is Dionysus Jesus?: Euripides’s Bakkhai

Euripides’ Bakkhai is an extraordinary play, and functions on many fascinating levels. At one level it can be read as an indictment of rationalism, and a warning to the audience against atheism. Toward the beginning of the play, the lead … Continue reading

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Apollo and Dionysus, or Gilagmesh and Enkidu: A Nietzschean Reading of the Epic of Gilgamesh

In the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh there are two chief characters: Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Both are male, and it is striking that ancient Mesopotamian culture hit upon the same overriding tensions between these two characters as those that Friedrich Nietzsche, in his … Continue reading

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