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Existential Flungness in a Twilight Zone Episode

The first ten minutes of this Twilight Zone episode is Rod Serling channeling Beckett, Kafka, and Sartre. It’s very cool. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode is not on YouTube. I know the ending, though, and will tell you what it … Continue reading

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“Waiting for God”: A Short YouTube Video by Santi Tafarella

Today I made my first foray onto YouTube by setting up an account at XtraNormal.com. XtraNormal.com is a FREE animated video production site where you can mash together scene and character templates to create stories. You can then download them to YouTube. It’s … Continue reading

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Atheism, Agnosticism, and Theism: Passing Through Auschwitz, the Rings of Saturn—and the Multiverse Hypothesis?

One reason that I’m an agnostic (and not a theist or an atheist) is that both theism and atheism have very large hurdles between them and certainty. Theism (for instance) has never adequately dealt with the problem of extreme suffering. … Continue reading

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