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Will the Antichrist be a Homosexual?

Sarah Palin’s hometown newspaper, the Frontiersman, which has been publishing in the Mat-Su Valley (where Wasilla is located) since 1947, ran an opinion piece this week by a local pastor with a very definite opinion about the Antichrist’s sexual orientation: … Continue reading

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Getting Comfy With the Idea of Calling Barack Obama “Mr. President”: Conservative Charles Krauthammer Calls Obama “a first class intellect” with “a first class temperament” and Thinks Obama’s on His Way to Victory Because of It

Money quote from Krauthammer’s Washington Post column today: Part of reassurance is intellectual. Like Palin, he’s a rookie, but in his 19 months on the national stage he has achieved fluency in areas in which he has no experience. In … Continue reading

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Scapegoating Mama Jane: An Evangelical Book on Missions Tells the Story of Sarah Palin’s Witch Hunting Supporter, Thomas Muthee, and the Woman He Accused of Witchcraft—Mama Jane

I’ve been able to locate yet another major Evangelical book, written in 2000,┬ábut reprinted in 2008, that tells the story of Thomas Muthee’s rise to power in Kenya, and makes mention of his driving off from Kiambu a woman named … Continue reading

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