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Tintoretto’s St. George and the Dragon: A Painting Dedicated to Thomas Muthee, Sarah Palin’s Exorcist and Vanquisher of Mama Jane, the “Witch” of Kiambu

Sarah Palin’s exorcist, Thomas Muthee, on Mama Jane: When we began to recognize who—or what—Mama Jane really was, Margaret and I set ourselves to prayer.

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What Does Thomas Muthee Say Happened to Mama Jane? Sarah Palin’s Exorcist, Thomas Muthee, Tells What He Did to Mama Jane, the “Witch” of Kiambu

I recently located a book, written in 1997, that tells Thomas Muthee’s tale of Mama Jane, the “witch” of Kiambu. The book is by George Otis and titled, The Twilight Labyrinth: Why Does Spiritual Darkness Linger Where It Does? It’s published by … Continue reading

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More Context for Sarah Palin’s Exorcist, Thomas Muthee: In May of 2008, FOX News Reported on Witch Hunting in Kenya

I’m surprised that Fox News hasn’t taken this down from its website, but here is its report (posted in May of 2008) on a witch hunting incident in Kenya: A group of up to 300 young men have burned to death 11 … Continue reading

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“Ridding the world of demons—and witches.” See Here Thomas Muthee Pray Over Sarah Palin Against the Spirit of “Witchcraft”—and a Monty Python Retort

Thomas Muthee prays over Sarah Palin, May 2005: Here’s an AP account of Sarah Palin describing her experience being prayed over by Thomas Muthee: On a visit to the church in June 2008, Palin spoke fondly of the Kenyan pastor … Continue reading

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“We Have Found a Witch, May We Burn Her?”: A Monty Python Retort to Sarah Palin’s Witch Hunting Exorcist Supporter, Thomas Muthee

Given Sarah Palin’s link to Thomas Muthee (see here), a Kenyan witch hunter and exorcist, and all the irrationality that witch hunting and exorcism in the 21st century entails, this seemed like a fitting retort:

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