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Shiloh and the Origin of Religion: Neil Diamond Sings to His Imaginary Friend

IS prayer and worship the expression of longing and inner dialogue (directed to a projected self)? And when religion turns fundamentalist, is it because this metaphorical self is LITERALIZED? In short, does fundamentalism mistake the metaphor for something REAL (like a bee trying … Continue reading

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“We Should Get Out of the Habit of Worshiping Anything”: Physicist Steven Weinberg on the Importance of Critical Thinking and Skepticism

In an excellent and thought provoking essay in the New York Review of Books today, the physicist Steven Weinberg reflects on his own personal lack of religious faith, but also offers a caution about the dangers of abandoning traditional religious belief: … Continue reading

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Literature Major or Prophet to the One True God?: Gilgamesh, Akhenaten, Moses, and Mohammad

The Epic of Gilgamesh opens with this sentence: I will proclaim to the world the deeds of Gilgamesh. I hear in this opening an evangelical purpose, as when the gospel of Mark begins with, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus … Continue reading

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