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Marco Rubio: Young Earth Creationist?

Holy crap! The GOP is putting forward Marco Rubio as a future President of the United States, and he can’t give an interviewer for GQ a straightforward answer to an elementary science question: GQ: How old do you think the Earth … Continue reading

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Are Scientists Part of a Grand Conspiracy to Deny God’s Existence?

As part of a conspiracy series for British television, the BBC took five young earth creationists on a road trip to meet some prominent American scientists, including biologist Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago and anthropologist Tim White of Berkeley. Were the … Continue reading

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Bill Nye Frets Over Evolution Denial

___________ Why is the above video so compelling? I’d say it has primarily to do with his manner of speaking about evolution: Bill Nye the Science Guy, a man beloved by children and parents alike, is pained, bewildered, and disappointed–and … Continue reading

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