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The Easter Zombie Passage in Matthew Casts Doubt on the Resurrection of Jesus

Matthew 27:51-53. Have you ever read it? Immediately following Jesus’s death, Matthew says that there was an earthquake that exposed numerous graves on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and “many bodies of the saints which slept arose.” Not only did many among … Continue reading

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A (Dark) Thought for Spring

Sara Davis, writing for The Smart Set website from Drexel University, links contemporary zombie fascination with vanitas still life Dutch paintings (and Ecclesiastes in the Hebrew Bible): [T]oday’s bogeyman and morality tale is a decaying body, a walking (or running) … Continue reading

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Could a Virus Act Like a Religion (Inducing Zombie-Like Symptoms)?

Scientifically, it appears the answer is yes. __________ The above video reminds me of Daniel Dennett’s discussion of flukes: ___________ Take, eat. This is a body?

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Conservative David Frum on the 47% Video

For understanding how Mitt Romney could so grotesquely and flippantly defame 47% of the American population without a gasp from those gathered to listen to him, Frum offers white racism as a starting point: Start with this data point: When you … Continue reading

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CNN Reports on the Barack Obama Joker Image Circulating

When I first saw the image of President Barack Obama as a blood-mouthed cannibal death zombie in minstrel white-face, I thought swastika. In other words, this image functions, like a swastika, to shock and declare one’s eternal struggle against bourgeois democracy (with its messy … Continue reading

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Mental Health Break with British Zombies and Egyptian Queens

Oh, Camille Paglia would have something to say about this video perfectly blending the Apollonian and the Dionysian, wouldn’t she? The brilliance of the setting is the smoldering Dionysian energy of the male band contrasting with the Apollonian Egyptian cat-like statue-stillness … Continue reading

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