Charles Darwin Gets the Hook to Jane Austen on British Currency!


Charles Darwin has been on the ten pound bank-note for over a decade, but now The Guardian reports that Jane Austen is about to take a turn there:

Austen will take her place on the £10 note in 2017, the bicentenary of her death, replacing the 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin, who has been on the notes since late 2000.

My liberal brain just exploded. Talk about a zero-sum game. The feminist part of my brain wants to see more women on currency; the pro-evolution/sciency side wants to see Darwin on the ten pound note forever.

Here’s what the new note will look like:

Jane Austen banknote


When I think about it, Jane Austen is alright. Darwin liked to read her, and aren’t her novels quite Darwinian in any event (ironic narrators fretting over and observing competition for sex and resources)?

Here’s a love song to Charles and Jane:

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