Hanger 18: 1950s Military Clerk-Typist, June Crane, Claims That There Were Alien Bodies Stored at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio

And June Crane says she had a high level clearance for her job. At the age of 72, she decided to break her silence. Her testimony, from a History Channel UFO Files  segment, starts at 2:20 in this clip:


What are we to make of such testimony? Is she a liar, a lunatic, or is she telling the truth as she knows it (even as she is, nevertheless, mistaken)?

Or maybe, just maybe, as we speak, there really are aliens at Wright Patterson, hovering in silent vats of yellow formaldehyde, dead eyes wide open in their cool and clean cryogenic vaults.


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7 Responses to Hanger 18: 1950s Military Clerk-Typist, June Crane, Claims That There Were Alien Bodies Stored at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio

  1. Andrew Silver says:

    I would like everyone to know this women testimony is a second hand account of information from someone else in the military, taken during a time of confusion and paranoid secrecy of Soviet invasion.

    The government in the 90s confirmed it was fake dummys that could have resembled or disguised as ”alien” bodies in case it fall in Soviet hands or enemy hands.

  2. Andrew Silver, get you facts straight. The government did not confirm that the dummies were disguised as aliens. Instead, the air force decreed that witnesses had mistaken crash test dummies for alien bodies. The alien bodies were described as 4ft-tall, big head and with large, dark eyes. The crash test dummies are 6ft tall with standard features. Plus, the crash test dummies weren’t used until the 1950s, years after the Roswell incident.

    I don’t claim to know what happened in Roswell in 1947, but I am very skeptical of the project mogul and crash test dummy explanation.

  3. whats really more important to me that June Crane was able to tell this and I very much hope all of it is very so. As a resercher on info on ufo history I would hope to gether truth between the dis closer and what others high ups wants us to believe . those who were in the Military are now retired they have nothing to lose butto tell us for those who really want to know that we are not alone out there. Of all the technology that has been invented it certainly did not drop out of the sky to be given to us. That some where the government that is all behind it knows very much what is going on today.

  4. I do also believe what is hidden under wrights air force base and area 51 has some to do with intelligent life. Why has been so many fly overs either un earthly objects or the one that the Military are trying to hide from the public.? from the Iraq war there has been laiser technology that has been tried on Iraqi citizens that were able to cut there arms, heads, and other parts, when it came to this. Where I had watched a documentary on war. and many times I had heard there were under ground bases hidden under neah Americas soil for some reason on estr terrestrial life many times on line. from Project Camolot there was one person who was from the miltary who spoke out these under ground bases”.

  5. Dr. Lucius Guardian says:

    I can provide some information on this, and possibly much more in the near future if the physicians and Father Time are correct. June Crane was a wonderful, professional and patriotic young woman – she lived up to the letter of her NDA until she was in the later years of life. I was fortunate to have worked with her at the air field for several years before I was transferred to another post.

    Juney retained a small piece of the MX metaloid sheathing or fabric that was recovered. This was not from Roswell, but from an unrelated incident in Arizona with which I participated. If you can find the documents in archive, the incident was classified under Operation Blue Note for recovery. Later, the study and research of the recovered craft and material were funded under Project Blue Fog. I do not know what Juney may have done with the MX piece that we gave to her; General LeMay was the last person that I spoke with about the project.

    As my son types this for me (I can no longer see to type), I am saddened that so much has been masked or screened from the people. I agreed with the national security concerns for years, but the tremendous – and I do mean to say just that, tremendous – importance of the technology must be shared and used for the people, not for war and suppression of the people. More importantly are the implications surrounding the continued visits and what started as an exchange program, but turned into an ugly agreement of human kidnapping and experimentation.

  6. Joe Naugle says:

    I am intrigued by the comments of Dr. Guardian and know them to be factual in many respects. The specific projects he mentioned are very obscure and almost nothing has ever been published in the public domain. His motivation in revealing himself and this information at this time is a problem and will certainly bring the full attention of the authorities to this matter. My identity is of no importance and will not alter the historical facts. There is no way I can prove my claims, all records have been destroyed. The last person that could confirm these events was Senor Pepe Lepe Lepe – an Section Alpha operative that owned a cantina and safe house in Tijuana. Unfortunately, he was silenced a few years ago in a carefully crafted “accident” . I narrowly missed my own end in this sordid episode and have since had to exist in the shadows of society. One day, perhaps soon, they will find me. Before that happens I will try to share what I know……….

    Much has transpired since the crash events described above and it is important to realize that terrestrial technology of that time (1945-1955) was primitive compared to the capabilities we enjoy today. Accordingly, mistakes we made during recovery and much was overlooked and/or mistakenly destroyed. Unfortunately, many of the key conclusions generated by the analysis surrounding these recovery events were flawed. For decades, these early encounters have stunted our ability to deal with the threat. There we exceptions, Dr. Guardian being one of particular importance. June Crane was there and she had first hand knowledge of these events. I
    knew here personally at she often prepared memorandum of an extremely sensitive nature for top brass.

    Where to go with this now Dr. Guardian??? Tell all before it is too late? Is this the forum you have chosen to share the secret knowledge you have? Now that you have surfaced in the public arena, time is short. Should you suddenly vanish the door to the truth will be locked forever unless someone (perhaps yourself) can divulge the remote desert location of the records cache bunker.

    I urge you to Act Now.

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