Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Stacked Corpses

The above photograph, according to the U.S. Holocaust Museum website, was taken at Ohrdruf on April 6, 1945.

More “Bearing Witness to the Holocaust” photos here and here and here.

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347 Responses to Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Stacked Corpses

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    This is SICK!!!! People dont even have a stomache and then they eat, so then their stomaches cant handle it and then they die!!! i feel so sorry for the babies!!!! They are just born and they cant even eat!!! i would kill my7self just for those babies!!! They NEED FOOD!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      your stupid

      • Anonymous says:

        hahaha true.

      • Ulanigida says:

        Your response to the words of compassion from others reveals that you are scared and angry.
        I pray that your life has not been of such a brutal nature that you can not feel or voice compassion for others yourself. If it has been than I am very sorry for your pain and the hurt and fear you feel and express to others.
        So many folks are seeing for the very first time in their lives the cruelty and inhumanity of pure evil and wickedness and hearing their compassion speaks volumes for their character and their hearts. These folks are those that willdo something in their lifetime to make a difference and to help others and to spread the word and their knowledge of what did in fact happen and no excuse can be made for it.
        I am praying for you Anonymous.It takes ALL peoples to know the truth to stop the lies being told concerning the Holocaust and the reaity of what did in fact happen.There will come a time when you will have to trust someone and to conquer fear.
        It isn’t always easy when one has been deeply hurt which I feel you have been and are hurt.
        There is more inside you that makes you valuable as a person and I Pray that you will begin to see this and not hate others.

    • sammi says:

      they cant help that there like that its all becuse one man has 0 tollorince for jewish people and all of them are inisant

      • jess says:

        um i know the main thing was jews but there were others that were killed

      • penei says:

        They cant help that THEY’RE like that. IT’S all BECAUSE one man has 0 TOLERANCE for Jewish people, and all of them are INNOCENT.

        Not trying to be mean, but it’s hard to consider or think about someone’s opinion when the grammar is really bad. I mean, everyone makes typos, but having a lot makes it really disracting and stuff…. just a tip for the future. (not meaning to be rude in anyway)

      • Anonymous says:

        its sad that people would do that

      • Anonymous says:

        how can a human being doing like that… are they (NAZI) a real human being 2??? are they not fear aa God??? And how can someone can say NEVER HAPPEN, JUST JEWS TRICK (some leader from MIDDLE EAST)??? I AGREE WITH MR B say… he is EVIL.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you READ or SEE ANYTHING on the Holocaust?

      • Anonymous says:

        Iam still learn.. iam so intersting with ISRAEL HISTORY.. include bout HOLOCAUST/SHOAH HISTORIS. Iam NOT Jews or ISRAEL PEOPLES but I ALWA

    • Anonymous says:

      this is really sick. i totally agree with u.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes, ME 2. I thing because ISRAEL IS GOD CHOSEN PEOPLE, SO others nations (from MIDLLE EAST), just JEOULESY…cannot accepted.

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG were learning about this in english as were reading the boy in the striped pyjamas.
      what so they eat and they die?? omg

      • katie says:

        Samee so are we was heavin wen i saw dis!! 🙂

      • informer says:

        have you not learnt about the holocaust before?
        the germans wouldn’t feed them and got them to do all sorts of work for them and they took them away from their homes and jobs to put them in these camps because they convinced the whole country and more that they were horrible people, so bad that they werent even people at all, that they were so low that it wouldn’t even matter if they were all gone.

      • Anonymous says:

        Correction on the German bit- It wasn’t the germans as a nation, it was the Nazi’s and Hitler. A nation will lead whoever dictates them- The innocent people of Germany and some of the soldiers were shown the concentration camps and were absolutely horrified ;.; Really nasty stuff.

        All in all, Hitler = prick

      • Anonymous says:

        omg we are reading the boy in striped pyjamas 2
        its good
        and ewww i hate hitler he dosent have a heart
        and he had only one ball

      • random says:

        correction to whoever said it was the only the Nazis(i believe it was Anonymous). no offense, but you are wrong. All the Germans knew what was happening, yet they said nothing. and they heard the screams of the children being burnt, alive- yet they did nothing. There were actually many cases of German suffering from insanity after the camps were liberated and the Allies invaded, and they were suffering from insanity from the tremendous guilt, because it was said they could still see the people being murdered, and hear the children scream, yet they did nothing. So, the people were also at fault in a way too

      • camo says:

        isaw the movie so sad

      • annymous says:

        i am learin bout that too half of my teachers family was killed because of fucking hitler she only has 1 cuz a mother and father and a bro

      • Zeph says:

        To Random..

        You are missing the whole point. More then Half of Germans was in the army..Which the army was under Hitler’s command. Meaning, they still served this “sick” leader.
        And another thing..If Germans were so “against” the killing of Jews..Hitler wouldn’t been in power..Nor would he gotten a 90% approval rate from Germans..
        Hitler raised to power, because he looked to blame Jews for all the “issues” that the world was in.

        And the other thing..Not only did Germans be the one to spit onto Jews, but aswell, the whole world did.
        Yes, some countries..Very few countries, ever tried to save Jews..But more then all.. The world looked down..On Jews.

        And the sad part about everything, was that even the allies, that went to fight Germany, looked down apon Jews, they turned millions of Jews back to Germany..As did America turned down more then half the Jews that did try to leave Germany.

        Before you start posting shit like you understand what they went thru, and think you know every dam bit about what happen, at least, try and use Wiki…(I used books made by Historicist and survivors)

        And for one dam sure thing, if you aren’t one of the survivors, then you have no right in God’s name, to say that you understand how they felt.

        And another correction, German’s did feed the Jews..As the book “Night” says that the whole 10000+ inmates was feed lunch and a small dinner. But in all..They really had a half of a serving of food a day…

        And not all Jew inmates wore striped pyjamas.. Most went with a sort of “jeans” and a “button-up shirt”…Or most, nothing.

        And back to the “Hitler was a mad man”..
        Hitler wasn’t really a mad man..He did what he did to gain favor of his men, and his people. But he did, in all, be the coward, and looked at the Jews for blame of Germany’s mistakes, and the world’s mistake…
        And to finish this up, read about how the Jews were seen pre-war.. You will see, that Jews were still looked down apon..

        In all, Hitler did what any other man or women would do. Blame someone else.
        As we all are humans, we look for others to take blame for our own self need.

        ~Act before you have the second thought, as always, the second thought is what makes you less of a man~

    • mike says:

      killing yourself for a baby to eat would be utterly stupid as in baby’s cant eat solid foods


    • Anonymous says:

      fuck hitler the stupid bitch he better be glad im not a jew or i’ll stick my star of david up his ass!!!!!

    • shai says:

      go on then kill urself

    • Callie says:

      they died because of a attacks

    • amber says:

      this is the worst thing to see
      at there were 12 million people there
      6 million jews and the rest were christians .
      this was a horriable im disgusted they treated
      these people like shit and i wish that if hitler was alive i would do 10 times worse to what he did to these innicent people

    • Anonymous says:

      ur maad honestly tdey cant eat ur meat and becides and ur gonna turn dem into canniballs

    • ashleyy says:

      i sall the movie bot in the striped pj’s. its sad:(. but i honestly dont like seeing pictures of people like this……it was cruel….i hope he rotted in hell.

    • breanna says:

      omg i would do the same thing i cant let a baby just not have food they cant voice their opinion . And wat do u think that they can go et food on their own ummm no well i am glad for the life i have

    • Dolores says:

      me to girl me to its so mean to do that to little babies but god the only living god he`ll do something about that when he comes he`ll fix everything because from him no one can excape! his name is !!JESUS CRIST!!

    • niomi says:

      omg i feel bad

    • BABER says:

      The babies were instantly thrown in the crematorium..messed up shit.

    • J says:

      wow dude your pretty freakin retarded! These are victims of the holocaust, these are Jewish people whom have been morbidly murdered. corpse, accounts, and the camps are what we have left of the grotesque homicide, ruled by Adolf Hitler. In this picture is the men corpse that have been stacked and were probably either going to be burned in the crematory or thrown in a pit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your right this is wrong i would give everything to them MLK Harriet tubman and all the others helped fight slaves and this crap i have friends that are jews do you know how this makes me feel YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK IF U THINK THAT THIS IS THE right THING TO DO . everyone who think this is wrong is right i love jews and everyone esle we neeed food and so do they!!!!!! i’m happy perpole changed that

      • brittney says:

        hell yea fuck hilter griny dirty ass bitch

      • Anonymous says:

        just b cuz ur friends r jews dosnt mean u need to put t out there like i love jews they are normal people just like us yeah the shit is messed up there isnt one person i the world who should say any diffrent

    • Sara says:

      I would’ve killed as many Natiz’s as I could if I had the chance before they even qot to me. if I had the chance to even kiil one that is. this is is just wrong in so many ways.

    • Ulanigida says:

      God Bless you Kaitlyn. You are a very compassionate and caring person and that compassion can rock the world. Thank you from one that appreciates the courage and strength it takes to stand up and speak out against injustice and brutality. Your very special.

  2. =/ says:

    looks like the only thing that developed right was there teeth… =/

  3. Jane says:

    This is so sad all of these innocent people dying because of insane Hitler! This makes me want to cry. 😦

  4. David says:

    OMG! This is SO sad -_-

  5. virginia says:

    thats bad bad bad bad bad
    you can see there packages

  6. brooklyn says:

    how sad!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    thats fucking gross

    • briana says:

      thats so sad to see those people stacked up just dead like that and i hope your noy laughing right now cause its not funny what if that was you or picture if that was your family i wish i was there to help those people that is so sad i feal like crying right now.

      • Hadiyah says:

        I completely agree… i just think of these people and what they went through… their families… the survivors… and even the people of Germany that had no idea that this was going on… i just look at pictures like this and think their lives were cut oh so short by someone who thought he knew what was right… they are in a better place now… and the families are reunited… we all remember them (whoever they all may be)… and know that they suffered more than need be just because they were Jewish… I just think when i look at these pictures that i never want to judge anybody for any difference.. the holocaust is just an extreme example of predujice… so sad that people are like that even today….

  8. wolfgang says:

    nich so gut!

  9. Janae says:

    This makes me want to throw up,it is very disturbing. Poor inasant people die because of Hitler. the pictures of this stuff is kinda nasty!

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  11. james says:

    i can’t belive this even happened! whi didn’t we do something sooner?

    • Anonymous says:

      cause of the f-en germans dah!

    • Gina says:

      You mean like the genoside we’re allowing to go on in Darfur? Like that? 400,000 die every day and America is doing nothing! Oh but they don’t show that on MTV so I’m sure you don’t even know about it even though it has been happening for YEARS…educate yourselves people.

      • Louise says:

        Is the US supposed to go into every country and declare war? It would be impossible to go into every country and sort out all the bad things that are happening. There are always serious consequences for our actions, look at 911 and the London bombings? In some cultures human life is not held in high regard, this is sad but unfortunately we can not change this….

      • Stan says:

        Educate yourself you dumb bitch..400,000 people dont die evey day you idiot..look at the actual figures and dont interpret them to fit your own beliefs..its possible 400,000 people have died overall in Darfur but certainly not every worst it is 10,000 a month and according to many sources even that number has been greatly exagerated.

    • Kisa says:

      i know its because of hitler!~lolololol im at school~!

    • Zinttani says:

      i can’t belive this even happened! whi didn’t we do something sooner?

      u still can go to Iraq or Palestine n help

    • Tone says:

      1 reason was because the U.S. relations didnt want 2 get involved with the jews…there was alot of antisemitism in the U.S. at the time….its not only the germans fault…The united states could have acted alot sooner than they did…..they just didnt want 2..

      • Anonymous says:

        such lies, no and no you are wrong, the US bailed all of the victims out from the camps as soon as possible. All people have the same rights, and the people of the usa gave their lives to stop the killing. You should be ashamed of the poison you spew. Stop slamming the only country that STOPPED the holocaust, and thank them.

  12. kiana says:

    this is real sick

  13. anonymous says:


  14. anonymous says:

    its good that we werent there!!
    I wish i could have been there to help.

  15. jdurinhjdbh says:

    that is so sick… how could some one do that

  16. jesse says:


  17. dakota says:

    that is so grosse

  18. jesse says:

    thats gros

  19. jesse says:

    that is freaking grose!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  20. baricua says:

    omg!!!! thats gross they are such evil people!!!!! EEEEEWWWW

  21. ezzie says:

    this is so discusting yall nasty ppl ronchy fide booooooooooonnnnnnnneeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thats nasty they are so evil if i would of been there i would of said some verrrry mean things then they can kill me

  22. ldoe says:

    this stuff is so SAD! fck hitler

  23. Charlotte says:

    who r u ppl all u can say is gross when there were people dying this is reality and i agree fuck Hitler he was an evil man!!

  24. MOLLY says:

    OMG THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO AWFUL!!!!! how could anybody be so discusting and cruel to do something like that!!! hitler is horrible personn all these poor inisant people… its just awfull!!! and very distubingggg…. how horrible

  25. DIANA says:


  26. morgan says:

    this is sad any gross…

  27. vgfcgg says:

    ew if hitler was still alive i would rip off his head

  28. Anonymous says:

    that is not cute says kayla

  29. Anonymous says:

    this is disturbing….grodyyy, and rele rele sad…thank god hitlers dead!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!!!! this is sad and mean im glad hitlers dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. idk says:

    eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww… so sad if i where there i would rip hitler’s head off i wish i where there to save em so…Fuck hitler

  32. TINA says:


  33. Sami says:

    I have to do a project on the holocaust, APPARTS or somethin’, anyone know who the photographer for this photo is?

  34. Anonymous says:

    if all you ppl care about is how gross this is then you guys have no feelings! they are dead! because of hitler!you all need to grow up and learn about history, gawd!

  35. *** says:

    I’m grossed out by the photo but what sickens me the most is how evil they are….FcKing die who ever beliveves this to be a “Government Cover-Up”.

  36. Anonymous says:

    This is the most disgusting display of hatred towards any race that has turned up throughout history. People who doubt that there was a holocaust need to look at these pictures, and accept the facts. Hitler was a horrible person, killed many innocent people, and deserved to die a painful death, not his quick suicide that he provided for himself. I don’t even think Hitler was capable of human emotions, for if he was, he wouldn’t be able to subject these innocent people to such pure hatred, by the mangling of their bodies, the malnourishment, and the imminent death. The world is a better place without Adolph Hitler.

  37. Bee says:

    I can assure you all that Hitler is suffering the worst possible punishment in hell. It’s amazing, isn’t it? And something else that’s appalling: my science teacher says Obama is the Antichrist and then you look at Hitler…

  38. todd says:

    iam jewish

  39. shawty so fresh says:

    this is real sad.i mean who in the world would just stand there and just look at the ppl die(AkA hitler)

  40. Anonymous says:

    As human, I’m discusted with myself.

    • chuchi says:

      i think you should lean how to spell disgustung before posting it up on such a grusome site such as the one being displayed!

      • Mary says:

        You spelt gruesome wrong. And you spelt ‘disgustung’ wrong. It’s disgusting. Maybe you should learn how to spell, instead of getting onto others, yeah?

      • Anonymous says:

        i think u should learn how to spell “learn” before u correct other peoples spelling….

  41. Anonymous says:

    Okay, making this anonymous mostly cause a lot of people would be angry, but hear me out. Without Hitler, we’d be dying 20 years earlier than we are today. As bad as it is, he managed to achieve 100 years future technology which increased life span. I’m not saying what he did was right, but there was at least one good outcome. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hate what he did, but at the same time am a little grateful for his advancements… does that make me a bad person?

    • gg says:

      Would you repeat what advancements Herr Hitler was responsible for .

    • Anonymous says:

      yes it does you disgraceful human being

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! it makes you as sick as Hitler, you psychopath. Too bad your family was not there. Actually, as psycho as you are you would’ve most likely claim the same thing-their death was worth the “advancements” that he made. ( which by the way he made no significant advancement to humanity, besides showing the extent at which human cruelty can reach.) You fucking asshole, go re-evaluate your values.

  42. Alisa says:

    I don’t get how someone can do this to another pirson it’s like…i don’t know just…mean!

  43. melaylay says:

    i know this doent mean alot coming from a hawaiian girl but i love all jews and what was hitler thinking. how could a person do this and not care. hitler is lucky he is not here or i would fuck him up.

  44. taylor says:

    dang dis sad

  45. Evan says:

    id be scarred for life if witnessed any of that like imagine taking that picture

  46. sofia says:

    this is sick how could anyone kill a person over religon over 7MILLON people died because of stupid hittle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO one deserves to die and no one has the right to take a life away for no practicle reason!!!!!and this is all coming from a 11 year old that has cried about the sick, ugly, discuasting, and hipacritacle thing that people do to one another so they feel good about them selfs and think they are doing the right thing. i just wish that hitler was in frount of me before he died so i could have slapped him silly and then whach him blow up!!!!!!!!!!!!the holocust is my all time favorite hiatory point because of how wrong it was
    from sofia:(

    (hitler sucks:)

  47. moz says:

    this is fukin sik

  48. Neena says:

    wow… Seeing THAT sure did open my eyes. (and yes, i think my eyes were on the verge of popping out of my head) but… thats just… unwordable.. (is that a word?) holy crap, the amount of loss in that Holocaust, and this image just being a mere amount of the many that died? Can’t say im sad, more dissapointed at how far the nazi would go, especially Hitler. *sigh* what a loss… hope that somthing like this doesn’t happen again. And im sure the world won’t forget this. and im REALLI srry to the people who died in this, and ones that lost their families, and the ones who had lived through it.

  49. jess says:

    that is so nasty and sad how could he do this he is a heartless ass hole

  50. Dani says:

    it really makes me sad to think abot waht happend an what’s worse is that it’s still going on, it’s just not as obvious.
    it is sick. Can’t belive people agree(d) whit hitler.

    thinking of the people who died there and the people who lost their loved ones

  51. Pauline says:

    Is Hitler is with his maker now? where was God then, we must not let this hapen again, We the rest of the world are sorry we couldent or dident help

  52. santitafarella says:


    You ask: Where was God?

    The Holocaust is Exhibit A for the problem of evil and the notion that prayer doesn’t work. Obviously, the Jews prayed for deliverance. If God didn’t answer them, why would he answer us today?

    One of the sobering things that is suggested by the Holocaust is that humanity is forsaken and on its own.


    • Holocaust Jew says:

      Or maybe this is only a relative extreme evil as it pertains to our human minds. In order for their to be a much greater good there needs to be a great evil, it’s one of those paradoxes or you wouldn’t be able to understand good or evil, let alone use free will to choose between the two. Perhaps they will be rewarded in heaven for their prayers and devotion unto the end, unlike people like you who rely on short-sighted logic to come to teenage-conclusions.

      • Anne says:


      • Anonymous says:


  53. that one chik says:

    people didnt really AGREE with him the propaganda that he and his fucked up little dictatorship put up ALL over germany brainwashed all of the people (the dumb ones…the smart ones thought for themselves and stood up for the right thing) BESIDES IF THE PEOPLE DIDNT “AGREE” WITH HIM THEY WOULD END UP EXACTLY LIKE THE DEAD BODIES STACKED IN THE PICTURE. i wish someone would have caught hitler (it disgusts me to say his name)before he killed himself and then put him through EXACTLY wat he put TOO MANY innocent people through.

  54. lashawnda says:

    government cover up?
    the government and hitler van kiss my fucking ass. hitler wasnt even german. he was just a pathetic ego-vendictive pyscopath.fuck you Adolf hitler. rot to shit.

  55. hannah says:

    Lashawnda is my hero. I love you.

  56. urooj says:

    dis is not insanity . its illness .

  57. Anonymous says:

    ughhh how sad:(

  58. gabe says:

    Actually the Holocaust was not Hitler’s idea. The person that talked Hitler into saying yes was Hienrich Himmler, HItler’s second in command. HItler wanted to another way to end it but Himmler persuaded him.

  59. sarah says:

    monsters. they were heartless, sadistic monsters. all nazis, may they forever rot in hell.

  60. caiti says:

    The monstrocity & hypocrisy of the human inidividual.
    Rest in love to those who never had a chance to live their lives & to the families that lost so much more than just relatives.

  61. 14 f canada says:

    wow, that is the worst thing i have ever seen. i do not know if i am related to these people or have any connection to the this war but i send my love to these people and their families. may their souls be freed to heaven if there truly is such a place. i also send my blessing to those who were forced to commit such crimes. may you live with a clear consiounce knowing that this was not your choice. i hope the world will never have to see such terrible times again.

  62. Drew says:

    Forced? some took pleasure in the killings of the camps, when i went to see a holocaust survivor recently, she told of how two SS guards took a baby from its mother and were throwing it around like it was nothing, threw it at a fence over and over again… hitler only used the Jews as a scapegoat, but the soldiers of the concentration camps were the ones who caused the prisoners there so much pain and suffering, it appauls my to no that, hitler could cover this story up until the end of WWII ;(

  63. noelle and shannon says:

    this is the most disgustine thing my sister and i have ever saw im about to puke there all just laying on each other ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i want to get a shower now ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww all i see are legs and faces how could u live wit ur self if u knew u did this to millions of poor helpless people this is sicking ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im srry to anyone if u r a victem if u had to go thew this

  64. kevonna says:

    i feel so0 sad 4 those people cause HITLER iz a nazty man he didnt just do all the stuff it shows he raped som of the women. and he wuodnt let babies in there cause they coulnt work nd if there were babies he would it killed and some of the moms and gradparents would want 2 be killed with the babies nd i dont blame them but he iz o nazty man nd always will be.But most of the german soldiers didnt even no wat thy doin.som of the german soldiers would try to be a jew and and some of them got caught and killed.i feel very very so so so so very very very sad

  65. santitafarella says:


    You sound like you deny that the Holocaust occurred. Am I reading too much into your comment? Could I ask you if you agree or disagree with these three propositions:

    1. Approximately 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust.
    2. In a substantial number of cases (such as at Auschwitz) gas was used on Jews as a means of extermination.
    3. The Nazi government had an eliminationist policy toward Jews, either killing the adult healthy by forced labor or killing forthwith the unhealthy, the old, and the sick.


  66. citizenkn says:

    @Santi….My opinion of / belief in the verb holocaust turned noun Holocaust will remain mine and mine alone; as it is basically irrelevant to the “fact correcting” posts that I have made at this site. To take the moral high ground is one thing; to take the moral high ground because it is the politically correct thing to do is another. Fantasy is easily conjured in an uneducated mind; facts however, are supported by evidence. If you are truly interested in discovering the facts and weeding out the fantasy, you will find it a necessity to dance with the devil. There are a host of sites out there that support an alternate (revised) view. Fantasy is easy on the brain, requires little effort. Systematic fact gathering is hard work and requires dedication and effort…Is it no wonder that fantasy usually prevails…Good luck.

  67. santitafarella says:


    You’re obviously an emotionally unbalanced Antisemite and Holocaust-denying crank. Do not attempt to post at my site in the future (as your posts will be deleted).


    • Samantha Webber says:

      Hey are you okay? See the problem with people like you is that you automatically assume and refuse to hear the truth… So some guy says he thinks there’s another story. I KNOW the Holocaust is real, but that doesn’t mean I assume anybody who doubts it is an “Antisemite and Holocaust-denying crank”. People like you are the kind who are messing up the world.

      You cannot know you are right untill you consider being wrong.

      • Holocaust Jew says:

        You are ignorant to suppose that you could possibly know with complete certainty what the truth is. Just because most people believe something, you call anyone who does not a monster. If you were truly curious and desired to know the truth, you’d be willing to hear any side of the argument, because that is how we progress towards the truth.

        You hear your truth about how the Holocaust happened and dismiss any other thought. Yet he is not hearing the other thought as truth, nor yours. What he is doing is USING HIS MIND and not just listening to the massing opinions of the opposition to the Nazis.

        As I said in a different comment, the Nazis convinced the Germans that the Jews were evil because of the atrocities the Jews had committed against Germany. They all chose to believe it, and not believing it was “refusal to hear the truth.” In order for us to be educated and attempt to unveil the truth, we must investigate ALL sides of any matter, not just the ones that fit our initial biases.

        So stop characterizing people as something evil when they only wish to open up their minds and explore truth. You are stifling the progress of discovery. Yes, it is VERY LIKELY to very near 100% that the Holocaust took place. But in order to keep our minds and the pursuit to truth pure, we must investigate any possibility that we can think of. This was the work of Descartes, Aristotle, and ANY philosopher of prominence. If you can have any doubt, you are not certain, and must investigate further.

        If you believe you do know for sure, do not dismiss and criticize him. Help him understand. Do this not by biased and random statistics, but by historical accounts of actual people from both sides. Not by just a few either. Overwhelm the evidence and formulate your own arguments.

  68. RobertM says:

    No society is good, whatever its intentions, whatever its Utopian and liberationist claims, if the men and women who live in it are not free to speak their minds.

    I don’t think you practice what you preach. Why did you delete the post of Citizenkn?

  69. santitafarella says:


    I specifically removed his post to show him that I’m serious about keeping him off of my site. I suspect he won’t try to write here again, and if he does, the moment I see it, I’ll simply delete it unread.

    Citizenkn can start his own blog and write whatever he wants. There are lots of Holocaust denial sites on the web and he can exercise his free speech as he pleases from his own space, or from a space sympathetic to his opinion.

    But he cannot step onto the platform that I’ve set up here and say what he wants with impunity. I’m super lenient generally. I put up with a lot of views contrary to my own, and am happy to engage with people who disagree with me. I learn a lot from disagreement. But I won’t have anti-semitic and Holocaust-denial propaganda mixing in with what I regard as reasonable boundaries for debate in the threads here. I will not defame the Holocaust in that way. That is my right as someone who maintains this site. I also routinely delete people who I notice using the n-word toward Obama (a common thing during the election). I regard Holocaust deniers as a peculiarly perverse subculture in our society and I won’t be a party to supporting their linking about on the web. I think it would be irresponsible of me, frankly, to let people go without limits on my blog. I also will delete any person who speaks, for example, with gross disrespect toward women, calling them “b’s,” or someone who promotes NAMBLA. If you can’t make the distinction between free speech for people on their own platforms and on their own dimes, and the platforms that you might set up for your own blogging (and the tone that you want to set), then I can’t help you. This site—Prometheus Unbound—is never going to be a particularly friendly place for racists, pedophiles, Holocaust deniers, people who substitute profanity for argument, young earth creationists etc.

    I might (if I have the energy) debate with such people for a bit, and keep their posts up for others to see their inanity exposed, but if I’m in no mood for it, they run the risk of simply being deleted. I have no desire to support a platform suffused with crazy bullshit (unless it is my own!). : )

    In fact I have, in the past, carried on a dialogue with Holocaust deniers, and I got exhausted by their stupidity, and simply had to drive them off. That’s my current mood toward Holocaust deniers right now. Holocaust denial has the academic credibility of young earth creationism (that is, none). That’s not censorship; that’s respecting my right to control my own platform. Fences make good neighbors. And neighbors who are Holocaust deniers need to stay off of my porch.

    I, personally, am alarmed by the amount of Holocaust denial in our society. I won’t be a part of it.


    • Holocaust Jew says:

      You’re refusing to hear criticisms of the other side? You share the same gullibility as the Germans who believed the Jews evil if you so refuse to hear anything different. And while you may have had argument with deniers, others have not. So maybe you should be a good person and encourage debate, as it allows people of both sides to learn. If you know, fine, but allow the many other people who come by and read to be encouraged.

  70. RobertM says:

    Thanks for your reply. You may want to state your position better in your “About” as the ideology of I.F. Stone is in my opinion not a good example of what you just espoused. I have followed this post and others on rss and honestly, I did not see anything from Citizenkn’s first post (which is now gone) other than what may have ended up in a long drawn out debate on a tired, headache causing issue. I noticed he made another post here:

    [This link removed by the arbitrator of this blog.]

    Do you also consider that to be from an emotionally unbalanced Antisemite and Holocaust-denying crank?

    I’m curious because, I am going through my rss feeds deleting those that no longer hold my interest. Thanks Bob

  71. santitafarella says:


    You have every right to no longer visit or contribute to this blog with comments if (in protest) you have a different standard for what constitutes censorship. I’ve given you my view of censorship above. It is not inconsistent (in my view) with Stone’s statement. You see it differently.

    As to the image and comment you link to, I do think that, yes, the writer is misrepresenting a piece of photographic evidence from the Holocaust for the purpose of denying the Holocaust. I also believe that people who deny the Holocaust and/or subscribe to Holocaust literature are likely to be eccentric cranks obsessed with conspiracy theories. And if they are not merely conspiracy obsessives, then they are either sick, evil, or stupid.

    I continue to intend to remove Antisemitic and Holocaust denial comments made at this site, including the one you directed me to. I obviously missed that one.


    • Holocaust Jew says:

      Santi I could totally own you in a debate about anything, any day, any time. You hold a blog only so you can hold power, so that you can simply remove anyone who has a wit to oppose yours. To me, this is a move of cowardice and retreat, one that signifies your inability to hold your own against an opposing viewpoint.

      Are you one of those high-school drop-outs who is thoroughly convinced of their own intellect? A self-proclaimed genius? It would make a lot of sense. Perhaps you should seek to prove me wrong and welcome opposing viewpoints. The path to truth comes only through dialectic. This is the meaning of Greek philosophy and much of modern thought, and you should consider employing it.

  72. RobertM says:

    Well, it was just a bit frustrating to me to spend a good thirty minutes preparing a three paragraph response to Mr.Citizen’s comment about the crematoria doors at Dachau (which btw I agree with his assessment that you have captioned it incorrectly). So, now that you have labeled him an Antisemitic and Holocaust denier my comment to that post would have more than likely had the same insult thrown at me. I am an old man Mr. Tafarella, a retired history teacher. I rarely post on blogs, but when I do, I like to be treated with respect and dignity. Yes, I am going to delete your rss feed simply because I really do not think you truly understand the lessons that I.F. Stone left us. Accuracy, Evidence and Responsibility.

  73. santitafarella says:


    I completely respect your decision. It was not my intent to frustrate you.


  74. rawrr-cake. says:

    ewww 😐
    that’s sick. i feel sorry for them 😐
    i mean who could you do that to anther human being 😡

  75. kirpow says:

    omg tahts disgusting 😦 makes me ill
    who would do that oh i know
    poor buds xxx

    • t-bay says:

      hey, i’m part german and my great grandfather was a Notzi. and he was forced to be on. So no the Germans didn’t want to do this, they were friends with the Jews. Hitler killed my great grandmother because she refused to be one, so my grandfather did it so he can stay alive to take care of my grandfather.

  76. mopar7080 says:

    The holocaust brought attention to the discrimination across the world and opened the eyes of people otherwise blinded by their own selfishness and lack of concern for their brother. So many times I have seen people question why God stood idly by while the holocaust persisted, however deplorable it may have been. But people don’t stop to realize that god did not CAUSE or ELECT the occurrence of the holocaust, but perhaps he allowed something to occur for reasons beyond our own understanding. Are we so arrogant that we believe that we should understand every move our maker makes? That our level of comprehension is comparable to that of an omnipotent God? And as a response to the question as to where God was in all this massacre and anguish, while all these sons and daughters, mothers and fathers were dying… well he was in the same place then as he was when his son was stripped of his flesh and life, nailed upon a cross.

    Hitler was a genius in his own right, DO NOT MISTAKE ME FOR DEFENDING HIM, I AM DEFINITELY NOT DOING SO. However I am saying I truly believe him to be one of the most intellectually amiable people, not morally amiable. Consider this. Hitler was able to kill off almost an entire race that was physically the mirror of himself. He was not a member of the Aryan race he was determined to create. He did not have blond hair or blue eyes, with fair olive skin and of a non-Semitic decent. He convinced an entire populous to kill off people matching his description without having them even notice or question it. They did not see him as inferior, like those they so shamelessly executed, rather the idealistic leader of the new Reich. It is a shame to mankind that we allowed the conditioning of such evil. Imagine how much good could have been accomplished if we only paid attention to our neighbor and their struggles. Perhaps then, we would not have produced such a deep, raw hatred like what we saw in Hitler, rather a leader who could have improve the quality of life in his rule. The holocaust was a horrible, terrifying and dismal time in human history and I hope we can all honor the martyrs of this horrible and appalling genocide.

  77. Dr. Goldenbergerstein says:

    the holocaust never happened… this is all propaganda to bring down the german race… these pictures are obviously photo shopped. Hitler was a brilliant man and i love him to death. he should still be alive and should have ruled the world!! His final solution was the greatest idea anyone could have evey thought of!!!

    Tod den Juden, es lebe mein Führer!!!!!!!

    • themadjewess says:

      Eisenhower MADE the take pictures, b/c he KNEW that aholes like YOU would say this Dr G.

      BUT… being FOR abortion and believing the Holocaust happened, b/c it did, does NOT make SENSE.

      All for LIFE, or NOT AT ALL.

  78. kas2r! says:

    holy crap,….looks like these people are flattened balloons

  79. santitafarella says:


    Wow. That’s actually quite a stunning metaphor you’ve offered. A collection of human souls and bodies industrially deflated and set into a pile. The evil of objectification of human subjects made visual.


  80. themadjewess says:

    I know many survivors from the Holocaust. The pain in eyes of these people is unmistakeable.

    As a Jew, I cant help but want to almost throw up from the pain I feel inside, for my brothers and sisters and then just knowing that there are people like Dr G up there, makes me sad all the more.

  81. ELLA says:


  82. themadjewess says:

    It is sick and disgusting, I know. I get Holocaust deniers all over my blog, I already broke 1 computer out of FURY.
    Are people INSANE?! What do they need b4 a Holocaust comes to THEIR door?!

  83. Anonymous says:

    HOW could this have Happpened.. Why did they listen to hitler when he made them kill the jewish ppl.. it just doesnt make sense

  84. world says:

    there is just one just one question about this tomfoolery holocaust.WHERE & WHO those jewish peaple were killed.and now WHY the moslems must be killed????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  85. none says:

    Hitler had a question it was what do we do to the jews what did he decide?

  86. Gnarles says:

    What I find most disturbing is that we all still support and finance major contributors to the Nazi Regime such as RCA, Standard Oil, Goldman Sachs just to name a few. These Jewish people died because big business was playing both sides of race war for profit. Big businesses that are thriving today. Hitler himself was a pawn.

  87. santitafarella says:


    The corporations to which you refer are not static entities. Obviously, the people who run these companies today do not share the sensibilities of those who ran those companies in the 1930s.


  88. freestories says:

    The postings on this blog entry could be used in a masters thesis. That is not meant to flatter all commenters. It is also not meant to insult them.

  89. Gnarles says:

    Ford, General Motors, IBM… I mean it’s not like we are talking hundreds of years ago. We people need to realize when they give our money to giant corporations they do not have man kind in their list of priorities….. still.

  90. santitafarella says:


    Okay, fine. But that’s different from calling the contemporary heads of these companies Nazis. For all you know, some of the people at the heads of these companies could be the grandchildren of American soldiers who fought against Hitler, or the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. It’s an ugly thing that you’ve asserted. I wouldn’t like to work for one of these companies and find comments on the Internet insinuating I’m a Nazi because I work for, say, Ford. Ford was, undeniably, an anti-Semite. It doesn’t mean that most people working for the company today are.

    Also, my bet is that these companies are more humane to, say, gay people and religious diversity than most countries are. In some ways, multinationals advance human decency. It’s complex.


  91. Samantha Webber says:

    I wish so badly we (the US) had stepped in sooner. I watched “Life is Beautiful” and even though I couldn’t understand a word they said I cried so hard at the end. This just shows that humans are equally capable of bad as they are of good.

  92. me says:

    can you imagine that’s maybe your love?

  93. Kwade says:


  94. Koishi says:

    that is so sad and to think some people think that it never even happened.

  95. Gina says:

    I find it amazing that so many people here are saying “oh my God” and “why didn’t we do something sooner?” and yet the genocide in Darfur continues on. 400,000 dead already and no matter how many marches I attend, the ignorance never lifts on this young generation of people that have NO IDEA what is going on in the world. People are being slaughtered…right now…today and 50 years from now your grandchildren will ask what you did to stop it. It’s bad enough to say there was nothing you could do but to say that in a world of instant media, you didn’t even know it was happening. Now that is what is truly sad.

    • jonolan says:


      Darfur’s a lot different from Nazi Germany. Just how would you plan on ending the genocide there? The Sudanese government will only respond to force and the Arab League would back them against any Western use of force.

      400,000 dead now. How many die if we do the only thing that stands a chance of stopping it? Care to do the math on that one? I did and the probability chart made me sick to my gut.

  96. santitafarella says:


    I too find it interesting (and weird and sometimes disappointing) what people say in response to Holocaust photos. And your Darfur activism is admirable.

    A book to recommend to you: Sociologist Zigmund Bauman’s book on the Holocaust titled “Modernity and the Holocaust.” A really interesting reflection on how genocide in the modern era is always a danger (because of modern phenomena like dispersed responsibility, technological means of inflicting suffering and death, and bureaucratic efficiency).

    Who’s responsible for the 1 million Iraqis dead in the Iraq War (for example)?


    • jonolan says:

      I understand your point, Santi, but you’re citing figures that are not backed up by independent verification when you describe 1 million dead in the Iraq War. Try reviewing this site: which admittedly only lists civilian deaths, but Iraq’s military wasn’t that big.

      As odd as it may sound to many people, the Iraq War probably saved a lot of lives. Iraq’s infrastructure had been so mangled by years of “peaceful” sanctions, that it’s likely that’s where you’d really find 1 million Iraqis dead.

  97. santitafarella says:


    I could very well be wrong about the figure. My understanding is that one way of counting war dead is to ask what the mortality rate was pre-war and what it is during the war, and then immediately post-war. People die for a whole variety of causes during war. For example, people might die because they didn’t get medicines that, in peacetime, might have been readily available. They might die from lowered immune systems from the stress of war, or heartbreak a year after losing a loved one, or from not getting enough to eat. How many people would be alive who are now dead because of the Iraq War? The figure, when taking all these factors into account, may well reach a million people, and I think that this should factor into any president’s decision in starting a war. How many will be dead at the end of this who would likely have still been alive if I don’t start a war? I’m not laying all the culpability for death, in this instance (whether we say it was 100,000 or one million deaths during the war) on the United States. Hussein bears a good deal of blame for wrecking his country. My point is that so do people who pay their taxes and carry out policies on behalf of the war machine (think Thoreau here).


  98. jonolan says:

    Well hell, Santi. We agree on something. I too believe in a “cascade” of culpability in these matters. That is,perhaps, why I care about those numbers; I prefer to know what price has actually been paid and what the weight of the burden is that my soul must carry.

  99. santitafarella says:


    Shock. We agree? You said: “Weight my soul must carry.” I like that. Yikes. I’ll be reading Friedman and Ludwig von Mises soon (if I’m not careful).

    Also, the reason I like the Bauman book I suggested above is how he shows the ways in which a highly technologized and buereaucratic society (trained to split emotions from duty and follow procedures), can turn into a death and torture machine with no single person apparently culpable for the mutation. Bauman thinks that the Holocaust is not a “one off” historical event, but something likely to happen again and again in a world structured the way global societies are today. I think the Iraq War was a mini example of this phenomenon.


    • jonolan says:

      Bauman has some very good points – scary points, but good all the same. They’re also points in some cases where I have direct personal experience with so am unable to refute them honestly.

      What is scarier to me is when the cause for potential atrocities is not splitting of emotion from decision making, but a shift in priorities and willingness to sacrifice ones’ self for a greater cause.

      The scariest and bravest man I knew was convinced that what he and I did in the course of our duty had damned us to Hell for all eternity and he viewed that as “acceptable collateral damage!”

  100. santitafarella says:


    That’s a disturbing story that you shared. If you have a link to your blog where you write about your military experiences, feel free to share it.

    As for sacrifice, I too find Hegelianism terrifying. I don’t want the historic movement of history mowing me down either (to some “higher” good, secular or religious).

    To me, Hegelianism is religious theodicy turned secular, so it’s not surprising your buddy spoke of going to hell as acceptable collateral damage. It’s coming from the same place—the same intellectual family of ideas.


  101. susanac says:

    For those interested in hearing the testimonies of survivors of the Holocaust, I recommend you visit USC’s Shoah Foundation Institute website:

    In the 1990s, director Steven Spielberg set out to record on video the stories of every remaining survivor of the Holocaust he could find in the world. What he accomplished was nothing short of miraculous: the testimonies of over fifty thousand survivors from 32 countries, preserved in perpetuity.

    In remembering we honor the lives of those who died and serve as witnesses ourselves. May we never forget and may we be inspired to speak out against hatred and injustice everywhere.

  102. santitafarella says:


    Thanks for the link.


  103. Colin says:

    How can so many people be so disrespectful? Saying EWW and Gross is quite disrespectful to the plight these people went through. I’ll agree the picture is a very painful reminder of Nazi Germany, but please try to show more respect. It wasn’t just Adolf Hitler who did this, but many people who followed him too.. This was so well hidden from the world at that time, that many Nazi’s and their families didn’t know..let alone people who were fighting them. Germans were raised to think that the Jews and Gypsies were to blame for their economic and social downfall and they were taught to hate them.
    I’ve been to Auschwitz and studied much about the camps and feel a true sorrow for what the jews and my (Polish) ancestors went through. I would suggest everyone be taught about the Holocaust to keep it from ever happening again.

  104. Nebuschtan says:

    Whenever I see pictures like the above I feel sorry to be a German.
    My last name is ‘Grunwald’ and at that time it was hard to live in Germany with a Jewisch sounding name.
    I didn’t live at that time (I’m 50 at age)but my father and my grandparents told me alot about how it was.
    After the Nazis had taken Germany politicaly it was forbiden for my father to play with German kids because of his name.IT was only a name!!!!(For all those who deny the holocaust)
    My grandfather went into the Naziparty after proving that we are Germans from begining what every German had to do at that time and saved our famely that way, but on the streets and dayly life things didn’t change!
    Sorry for my spelling.
    I’m realy sad and ashamed to see that…..

  105. Guadalupe says:

    This is so sad!!! I don’t see how Hitler said that they are not people. They are people just like us. I really hurt when I see this, I wish our country could of helped sooner but we didn’t.

  106. santitafarella says:


    I’m letting your Nazi positive comment stand in this thread as an illustration of fascism’s ongoing contemporary appeal, and how it can effortlessly mix with pop cultural allusions. Should authoritarianism ever achieve power in America, it will be a syncretism of its evil with the banal.


  107. e says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,this is …………

  108. one like you says:

    okok but now israeel is fashist and palestinian and lebanon is jewsh holocaust is started again please wake up

  109. Emma says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! First of all Adolf Hitler was completely insane, and I feel sorry for him because of what must have happened in his childhood. But that absolutely does NOT gve him an excuse for what he did. I feel TERRIBLE for the victims of the Holocaust. And just to think about what those people had to go through sickens me to the very pit of my heart. Things like this are ignored all over the world, such as all of the children recruited into rebel armies, these types of things are FORCED upon children, to the point where if they live through it, they feel so terrible for what they were forced to do, that they kill themselves to make up for it. I am horrified by the thought of these things taking place. I agree that Hitler is an awful person, and his heart has been poisined with hatred, and predjudice.

  110. watevvss says:

    omg i had an assembly at school about the holocaust it was a survivor who told us about the hardships he went thru..i cant believe anyone can be so heartless to do this sad

  111. Tracey says:

    i think that hitler should burn in hell and all of his crew members, my thoughts on this is terrbily sad and i think it is a sin for so many innocent jews to be tortured and being slaves and also being murderd i am only 10 years of age and i am doing some researsh i really would like to find out more about the world war 2 and if any of you have any sites or books i could read contact me at my e-mail it is

  112. matthew estes says:

    i love hitler i wish he would come back and do it again i hate babies i think what he did was badass guck all you pussies sayin aw thats sad faggots its fuckin awesome

  113. hhjfyhjgh says:

    all of yall shut the fuk up!!!!!

  114. Anonymous says:

    matthew go suk a dick!!!!!!

  115. HAHAholocaust88 says:


  116. santitafarella says:


    I’m leaving your repugnant comment on this thread for one reason only: it is a reminder that there are nihilists in the world.


    • Holocaust Jew says:

      Something tells me he was leaving this as a joke as many do. Comedy does exist in the world, and I’m sorry that you do not hold the capacity to sense it when it’s being used, especially as shock humor is one of the most easily detectable (see my lower comment).

      I wonder how many of my comments you will delete just to maintain the image of someone who might actually hold intelligent thought.

      • santitafarella says:

        Holocaust Jew:

        I’m probably going to leave a few of your comments up for the same reason, but your redundant and profane posts, I’m deleting those. And if you have something interesting or novel to say, I might let that stand. I tend to take posts on a case by case basis, and not just ban an individual automatically. But I’ve debated with Holocaust sympathizers and deniers before. It’s informative because I’m interested in human psychology and critical thinking, and how people’s reasoning processes work. But I do find the back and forth tiresome and repugnant after a while, so I just am not tolerating it much at my site. Sorry. You seem like a smart person, but also a bitter one, and I doubt that you have seriously read respected academic books on the issue. Like young earth creationists, Holocaust deniers tend to be people who have a visceral resentment of professionally trained historians and scientists, and the consensus opinions that they arrive at based on multiple lines of converging evidence.

        By the way, you’ll notice that I’ve left your critique of one of my posts as high schoolish up (precisely because you came at the issue in an intelligle and novel way).

        I wish you well. I have no interest in demonizing you as a person, but I hope you’ll reconsider your views. I think that they are very, very damaging to the human heart (to absorb Holocaust denialism or fascist ideology).


      • Holocaust Jew says:

        Personally, I think the Holocaust certainly occurred as certain as I sit here today. However, my personal opinions are of very little utility to the people, who should learn not what is right to think but what process in which to think. Debate should never grow tiresome, for it is the only way we learn. To grow tired of arguing is to grow tired of learning. Yet, I will admit that some do not offer a viable form of debate, but argument in a rational form is always good.

        As for your assumptions as to the nature of Holocaust deniers I will have to disagree. I am actually an astrophysicist, and I find many other scientists are just as interested in playing devil’s advocate and doubting everything. In fact, as Richard Feynman (a great physicist) once said, “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” To doubt is to think, and to think is to find truth.

        And I must admit I’m both surprised and relieved you left this comment up, and agree with the criteria through which you evaluate what is to deleted.

      • santitafarella says:

        Holocaust Jew:

        I’m glad to hear that you are not a Holocaust denier. Since you like critical thinking topics, there’s a very good book on critical thinking that you might be interested in getting: How to Think about Weird Things (by Schick and Vaughn). You can find it at Amazon. I don’t believe that there is anything on Holocaust denial in it, but it has many other interesting topics. I understand the impulse to be a contrarian and to make people think, but I believe that you have completely lost your sense of proportion as to what is sensible to provoke people concerning. Rational intelligence should go with wisdom and emotional intelligence. There are lots of topics that you can provoke critical thinking in people with and play devil’s advocate on (which is why I recommended the book to you). I just don’t think that the Holocaust should be treated in that way.


      • santitafarella says:

        Holocaust Jew:

        One more quick thought. When I posted Holocaust images at my site, I was surprised at how many people felt a desire to simply text brief responses of revulsion to them. I let them stand because they remind me of Goya’s book of one line responses to the horrors of war (accompanied by some drawings that he had made). Thus these threads are really not the best forum for having a substantive historical discussion (because people are having visceral responses to an image).


  117. Anonymous says:

    hitler is a total jack ass

  118. Amazed says:

    I didn’t read all the posts…but reading the posts from the top down…I had to stop because it is just amazing how clueless (and maybe even apathetic??) so many of you people are! I just want to say one thing:

    This was nothing to joke about, and it still isn’t. These weren’t just Jews either. Slavs, Jews, Soviet POWs, anyone who was DISABLED or MENTALLY ILL (not joking here), homosexuals, and Jehovah’s witnesses were all rounded up same as the Jews. Hitler was a sick man.

    • =) says:

      i feel dayt readinq every 1’s bloq thinq urs has tah beh thee best.. (of course) hitlers ah dumb ass nd anyone whoo doesnt thinkk so is dumb as hell too/

  119. M.I.A. says:

    at ebay they are selling this rare poem from Peter L. Fischl about the little polish boy.

    Go and look at it: under peter l fischl

  120. u people really need to learn to spell and also have any of u even heard of the holocaust apart from a couple i can see know. Even after the Jewish people were rescued from the concentration camps they died because they were to exhausted to even swallow and digest the food they needed. They are naked because as soon as they got to the extermination camps they were stripped of all belongings including clothes and some were sent to gas chambers to die and some were worked to death. Read about Hitlers childhood Jewish organizations helped him when he was young and yet he still hates them. Seriously read up on these things plus i realise your americans and you dont learn about these things in your education but you should still learn look up and read about this america is still treats people like crap for no reason other than their nationality and skin color so if you think this is bad relate it.

    • Anonymous says:

      ummm. well don’t tell people they need to learn how to spell because you spelled realize wrong. and yes you have the right idea. people are idiots.

  121. really it was mostly jews sure people who protected the jews and hid them even people who were mentally ill or incurable as Hitler called it the Polish were slaughtered again no reason but if you look at the numbers it was mostly jewish people because they were on the bottom of Hitlers list they were thought as the most inferior race of course the Master Race was non-jewish, non-mentally ill Catholic Germans they experimented on POW jewish people and made so called official discoveries that were meant to prove they were the master race. Then they tried to create another plague that wouldn’t affect the master race and a lot of germans disagreed with hitler anyway there were many assasination attempts on hitler sadly all failed. Plus everyone who said they would go back and kill hitler he was more protected than anyone is today or ever. To think some people dont even believe the holocaust happened shows how stupid people are some think that all the pictures and eyewitnesses are lies even the survivors. But Hitler made a massive mistake Russia and Germany were allies then hitler decided to attack the russians no one has ever defeated the russians on home soil (snow) to date so you can see how that turned out. Hitler lost half his army we have a lot to thank russians for in that regard although they just used their famous run tactic because usually their opponents don’t know how to deal with their freezing environments they did fight as well and were the first to Berlin and the only to know Hitlers true fate until released later on. Hitler got married just before he killed himself and the wfe had the great pleasure of dieing with him. He killed his own dog to test the poison given to him to see if it was real. So knowing this took the poison and shot himself in the head wife followed or before not entirely sure. He was a horrible person. Cartman in south park is a kid version of hitler if he was on happy pills really fkn strong ones.

  122. Tamara Boyd says:

    It’s amazing how immature people are being on here, honestly before you feel the need to put your two sence in here maybe you should study the damn war. First it was not all Jewish people, it was homosexul, disabled, the elderly and anyone that did not beleieve in what Hitler was preeching.

    Second, they didn’t have any choice they weren’t fed there for they ended looking like this and these people more or less probably did not die of starvation this was them after being gassed and then they were going to be burned, because that was the unlimate way of killing Jewish people.

  123. Monkey says:

    Picture of the holocaust ? if that was so then they would have been gassed and burned.

  124. PoRsH says:

    looking at this make me so sad. how could you do this to a person

  125. shelby says:

    everyone is stupid. obviously you all need to brush up on your history. it wasn’t just the jews, it was that the germans simply thought they were the superior race. they also were in such economic trouble and thought they jews were just garbage and thought the jews were the ones “taking their money” so they decided to wipe out all jews to save their economic future. gosh people. im only 15. read some books. geese.

    • shelby says:

      also, it was the elderly, children, homosexuals, and pretty much anyone that wasn’t a german or disagreed with Hitler. now if you don’t know what your talking about don’t say anything at all. gosh. ignorant people.

  126. Hitler #2 says:

    this makes me happy. this is what they deserve.

    • sonni says:

      fuck u…wat the hells the matter with u?? huh?? u think jew deserved this??? NOO they didnt u fuckin bitch…go get a life

      • mercedes says:

        don’t bother.
        and talking like that doesn’t make him want to take you seriously.
        He just wants attention.

    • supjews says:

      hey dumbass. im jewish. how the fuck do my ancestors deserve this? tell me that bitch. what did they do?
      huh? id like to have a talk with you face to face.
      hopefully you can take some hits.

      • Holocaust Jew says:

        Step 1. Realize shock humor when you see it.
        Step 2. Realize its paramount purpose is not generally to degrade. See Borat. You might think that movie’s purpose was to ridicule Jews. However, you’ll find the main actor is a very Jewish graduate of Cambridge University in England. He employs shock humor so that people might see how stupid their prejudices sound when taken a few notches up. So maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to attack.

        As for me, I’m not Jewish, and I think your ancestors deserve what they got.

      • santitafarella says:

        Holocaust Jew:

        I’m leaving your post up as an example of your nihilism, not because I endorse your inane and ignorant last sentence.


    • Anonymous says:

      i sincerely hope you burn in hell

    • Ivey says:

      Why would you even say that? I am not going against your opinion but c’mon, you have no idea what they went through. Nor do I but at least I am not dirty mouthing them. Have some respect for their families. You are NO better.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you God bless u

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with U God bless u

  127. santitafarella says:

    Hitler 2:

    I’m leaving your comment up for one reason: as a reminder that Holocaust-like events can happen again.


  128. a.r says:

    this is sad. STUPID HITLER !!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Mercedes says:

    First of all, this website isn’t for you immature morons to argue about who’s stupid for saying what.
    It’s about these people and how much suffering they had to endure for something that they belive in.

    How pathetic is it that as human beings we can’t protect one another? I mean, i understand if one person is racist but to convince a WHOLE COUNTRY that because of someone’s beliefs they have no right on this planet? it’s sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      1 of the smartest things iv read all day……its not about whos right or wrong…either way everyone has their own opinion…and even if u feel that that opinion is completely wrong you should try to restrain yourself…… all this arguing is dumb…just leave your coments and be quiet

  130. Jessica says:

    this is really deadly man i dont know how poeple can do that to eachother and its not just hitler’s fult its his and the people who desided to follow him every time i see pictures like this it pisses me off becauce there was alot of people who died for no reason but the color of their skin and i feel so sorry for the people who were in the holocaust and their family’s man i just wish it didnt happen

  131. rebeca says:

    danq,. i feel bad for these ppl that didnt have a chance to live how they wanted to.. hitler was one of the dumest man on the whole world.. who wud literally do that??.

  132. Taylor says:

    This is really mean and cruel I am reading counting the stars it is a really good book and i hate the Nazis

  133. Mary says:

    Ok- read a few comments, and I have somethin’ to say.

    Some people were saying things about them dieing from eating? And some people saying it wasn’t true? It is.

    When you don’t eat enough, your body just begins to become disfunctional. A LOT of the people who were starved died from being FED. The soldiers giving them whole foods didn’t know that the skeletal bodies couldn’t take in whole food, and need to be fed soup and liquid that could be contained. A loaf of bread just wasn’t going to work, and killed them.

    Also- Hitler, as a boy, wanted to become a painter, I also heard he wanted to be a priest, but I won’t stand by that. His father was more a military man, and forced him into much harder training. I’ve heard rumors of a Jewish man was his mothers doctor? Who died? I can’t say anything on that, either.

    And that’s correct- not to many people REALLY knew what was happening in the concentration camps. Although, I know more on the inmates and how they lived than I do about the Germans.

    If you enjoy learning more about this, just look it up, and some books and movies about the Holocaust are- The Boy In The Striped Pajamas(Fictional)
    Anne Frank(Recommended)
    A Woman In Berlin(Movie, based off a womans diary)
    The Kommandants Girl(I liked this, and the author is a historian, but it is fictional.)

    Thanks- Mary

  134. Afreel says:

    Im half german,
    and i read all this, and i learn this in asian history.
    it makes me sad to think that it’s us Germans blamed for this, but basically it was really the “nazi”.
    Learning this in history and hearing your country’s name said out loud makes you want to scream at them, but hey, the past is the past. You cant change it. I feel bad about this, very indeed, that maybe my ancestors were one of them, but you should know that it wasnt the germans. It was all just Hitler.

  135. Anonymous says:

    youre all silly silly people. it wasnt hitler. that man just had amazing speaking ability. he convinced alot of people it was right but he didnt come up with the idea at all. he didnt order it, he was a vague leader so he let his minions do as they please. not to say he didnt endorse it at any point.

  136. lauren says:

    i am researching the holocaust for a project, and i think that Hitler should have been killed and left to rot in HELL! he was a dispicable and man and i cant believe that he was allowed to do what he did, plus it doesn’t matter what religon you are or which God you worship we are still all human beings.
    so to all the Jewish people out their i am sorry for all the racism people may cause you but fight back and dtand up for what you believe in!! 🙂

    xxlaurenxx( catholic)

  137. Anonymous says:

    plain crulaty just cause they were jews porr people iu hate hiltler and the natzis

  138. joelle says:

    that is sick and twisted when i saw this picture i started crieing who would do that it is so sad

  139. Anonymous says:

    oh ohw sad i feel for these people cause im jewish to

  140. Denae says:

    this is so grose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. missmridvika says:

    I’m 15 and i’m currently learning about the Holocaust at school… it truly amazes me that some of you dipshits are so fucking clueless about what the Holocaust was really about. You say anything about Hitler and Nazi Germany like you know the whole fucking history of the world.

    First of all, THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED. Some of you are taking it so lightly, its gonna take another holocaust just to persuade you how horrible it was.

    Some of you morons dont even BELIEVE it happened… likw wtf? Are we freaking dumbasses for teaching this in schools and publishing the atrcoiaty in books? This was a widespread persecution that happened to millions of Jews, they arent fucking retards for spreading their stories all over the world. And there’s fucking evidence to prove it too. IT AINT NO FAIRY TALE.

    I read this one moronic comment about the photos being photoshopped. It was so stupid, I actually laughed. How can the photo be PHOTOSHOPPED?? These photos were taken decades ago, computers weren’t invented you dumbfuck.

    I feel absolutely horrible about the persecution of not only the Jews, but everyone who opposed Hitler. I’m not sure what they did to deserve this… none of you know Hitler so stop pretending like you know why he did this. He was a great dictator (great in the sense that he was genius enough to get so much of Germany to follow his plan). I’m DEFINATELY not saying the sick bastard did good things. He was the farthest thing from being human. Instead of building humanity, he tried to destroy it.

    So I guess this is all I have to say… God bless everyone who has the heart to feel for these victims.. everyone else, burn in hell.

  142. santitafarella says:


    You’re smart and awesome! I hope you are off to college soon.


    • missmridvika says:

      Ahh, thank you! Deep discussions like this really gets me riled up becuase i’m just so astonished how people are SOO uneducated… and they say ANYTHING. It’s probably very hard for survivors who went through this and couldn’t spread their devastating stories becuase no one wanted to listen.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Hitler tricked Germans into believing that the Jews were bad people. A fire burned the stateshouse and he blamed it on the jews and they became the internal enemy in Germany. he was an evil genius in every sense of the term. He believed the Aryans were the master race though he himself did not look like his mater race. Hitler sctually believed and convinced other people the moon blew up and the Aryans were the only people to survive. His ideas were crazy and he was unreasonable. He was beat as a child by his father tot he point of almost unconciousness nightly. It is said his father did this because Hitler may have been someone elses child. His mother was a servant and possibly her boss who was Jewish was Hitlers father. So Hitler himself may have been Jewish. He became a sociopath from the beatings. His mother lost a batlle breast cancer and he was outraged at the doctor who experimented on her with what we now know as chemotherapy. The doctor that experimented was jewish. Part of the killing of Jews was to avenge his mothers death. Hitler was heavy into meth as well. He took it daily while his parkinsons disease was eating him alive. It is also believed he might have been gay when his girlfirend commited suicide. He also took over Austria in spite of his father who would have disaporved of this and been outraged. For someone who hated Jews so much and different people he took blonde hair and blue eyed children for his mater race from Norway.

    Bottom Line Hitler was a mad man

    The images are not gross they are a look into our ashamed past of something we did not prevent or believe in…

    Germans knew what was going on what were they going to do to stop it…..if they tried they toow ould be killed…..”the walls in Germany had ears” they were not to talk about what happened and many Germans today will say that they believed the camps were bakeries where the people made breads and such…….

    when it came to killing the jews the germans were told”he owuld not like it if Germans did such things gladly. But their concious was no way impaired, for they were soliders who had to carry out every order unconditionally. He alone had the responsibility before God and Hitler for everything that was happening………..and he act was acting from a deep understanding of the necessity for this opeartion” FINALL SOLUTION SS leader Himmler

  144. Anonymous says:

    Also I wanted to say that as far as the people starving the Nazis found out down to a t how to figure out how many calories the jews would need by their weight to work and have the energy to do what they needed and thats it. They would give them just that many calories and they would do their job and get nothing more. They did eat but they were still starving. Usually then when they became too weak then they were killed.

    It is said that in one of the camps that there were violins playing while the people walked to the “showers”. While on a tour it became apparent one of the older ladies had been there as a child with her family. The tour guide mentioned isn’t it nice you had grass here with violons. The response of the Jewish women who didnt miss a beat was m’am if there would have been grass here we would have eaten it.

  145. Sharron says:

    This Is SOOO sad i feel sorry 4 da pregnanat women who suffered from gas man life was scary and hard!!-cry

  146. justapasserby says:

    Omg that is soooo terrible…I recently read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (GREAT book, btw) and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (also good) and I learned so much about the Holocaust. This photo just sickens me with sadness…. T~T

  147. potato says:

    i hate Hitler

  148. potato says:

    i realy fat i wish i was that skimmy

  149. vladamire says:

    wow how can u say u wish u were that skinny????????? these people sufferd they staved to death an dur that much of a dick to say “i fat i wish i was that skinny” what are u darth vadar….dumb shit!

  150. vanessa ascencio says:

    ouuuu thatt suckkss://

  151. San says:

    Wow you people are stupid. They starved to death (and were literally worked to death); they didn’t die from eating.

  152. haylee lawrence says:

    thats so sad how could people look at that if i was rich i would have helped them.8(

  153. Ashlee xian!!!(: says:

    this is truly sad i cant think about liveing in a time like that the poor people dont even have stomach!!)):

  154. Anonymous says:

    They look like they’re skeletons! I cant’t even imagine how horrible of a death that would be!!

  155. Anonymous says:

    lmao this is hilarious. A bunch of hungry lazy sleepy Jews.

  156. xxpanickedromncexx says:

    were learning about this is english we just fineshed reading the book ani almost cried. wre going to seee the movie soon. and i freakin hate hitler and all of his natzies!!!! poor anne, margot, mr frank, mrs frank, mr dussel, mr van daan, mrs van daan, and peter 😦

  157. a says:

    no offense but i think that i would rather feed someone that was having to work and like had a brain to analyze the situation they are in ; un like a baby, that was pretty much killed on the spot so to feed a baby as nice as it would be i think it would be better to give it to a growing person thats starving then a pretty much already dead baby. but i do agree that it it was horrific what they did to the people.

  158. Anonymous says:

    Holocaust haven’t occurred

    • polar bear says:

      the holocoust was such a terrible time.. it makes me want to cry becuz so many people died for no reason…

    • Anonymous says:

      you fucking idiot..where did the pictures and reports come from then? then did all of those people fall off the face of the earth?

  159. mory says:

    For I question whether it occurred and all these are Jewish and who is causing their deaths?
    Considering the above questions why Muslims must pay to give it?
    Of course, I am saddened that these people have been killed Azadeh!

  160. lola says:

    If this happened ,I think they deserve it

  161. Peach'Z says:

    Ever since i learned about the Holocaust i’ve been so interrested and curious to know so much more about it…it kills me to know what humans are capable of doing, and by looking at these images is shocking to me that it really happened….i would love to go to where everything happened and just observe and feel the air….i wouldn’t want to leave….aside that people on here who laugh and say the most derragorrial comments are so ignorant..they laugh and joke but i bet they wont put up a picture of themselves..

  162. niomi says:

    omg!! i fell bad

  163. aisain kathleen says:

    whoever is in favor of this needs to die as well. seriously, what makes you better than them? i live with my step mom, and she is a great caring person who just so happens to be jewish. im both jewish and german and almost too ashamed to admit it. imagine your poor child dying like this. its wrong. no one deserves this. mothers in hiding use to have to kill their new born babies just so they wouldnt be discovered and risk the lifes of the rest of their family. it doesnt matter if infants eat food or formula, the point is they couldnt. their tiny bodies starved to death i assume in a matter of a couple days. because some dick head decided they werent worth anything. the saddest part of all was he himself was a jew. and anybody who praises this monster deserves to rot in hell with him. you are no better. just imagine going through this, and then try and laugh and make fun of someone else who finds this wrong.


  165. LeVane Harrington says:

    that is so grusome and horrible hitler should of went and died in a hole

  166. Anonymous says:

    actually alot of you are wrong. hitler tried to take control of the government and failed. he was put in jail for about 9 months. while he was there he wrote his book mein kampf which was about his resentment towards jews, his plans to exterminate them and so on. hitler was released from jail and wrote a second part to his first book. he then made a political party called the national socialist german workers party. many joined this party. he went on advertisments of his party and convinced many germans he would help better germany. his logo was “germany above all else.” many germans believed him because he was devouted to his country. they were very influential when he started these advertisments and speeches because the great depression was happening during this time. and during this devastation they looked to someone with such a dedication to perserving germany’s power and where it stood. after he won over many germans he took power soon after their president was killed. he took over the state and central government. him and his fellow nazis started their extermination. he made all jews sew identifaction patches on all their clothing. which was the star of david. he then moved all jews into ghettos which were sectioned off parts of cities surrounded by stone walls with barbed wire at the top and nazis guarding the ghettos to prevent the jews from escaping. ghettos had bad living conditions. many died from lack of food and water. there wasnt much work so money was hard to come by. but the ghettos money wasnt actually money they usually used in germany it was fake money and they also had ration cards in which they purchased food. many died from low amounts of food. disease also spread quickly thoughout the ghetto killing hundreds. soon after the ghettos were established they, the inhabitants were shipped off to concentration camps. depending on which concentration cmap you arrived at you would most likely be given a number. you would no longer have a name only a number. you would be stripped of your possessions and anything the nazis thought valuable. this is if you were lucky to be chosen to stay alive. the old, sick, and ones to young to work would be immediately killed. some concentration camps werent as bad as others, like auschwitz. many feared the camp they were staying in would be liquidated and they would be sent somewhere worse. which happened quickly. at first there were many little concentration camps. but as time went by they created bigger camps to hold and kill more jews. the bigger the camp, usually, the worse it was. the worst concentration camp by far was auschwitz which by the end of the war killed over 3 million people. auschwitz was divided into three subcamps. the first camp was a forced labor camp. the inmates would be forced to work all day and get as much as a piece of bread to eat a day. after a back breaking (literally) day of hard work they would be sent back in front of their barracks (where they slept in wodden bunk beds with no blanket or pillow they were lucky to have straw in their bunks) for hours to be counted. once finished they would be sent to their assigned barracks to sleep. the barracks were controlled and looked after by inmates chosen by the nazis. these conditions were hard to live in. many died of starvation and disease. if you were to get sick or beaten too harshly by the nazis you would be sent to the infirmary to get better/heal. if you didnt get better/heal in the next few days that followed you would be killed. going to the infirmary was not something you wanted to do. during the day the nazis would go on killing sprees, beating/shooting/hanging/torturing any inmate they chose. they would even do this at night. they would go through barracks at random and beat/kill inmates, thats why the topbunks were fought over, the fear of being woken up by a nazi beating you to death in the middle of the night. this happened in each of the subcamps. the second subcamp was the holding camp where inmates were held until more room opened up in the forced labor camp. the third camp was the extermination camp. you were sent here for a couple of reasons. the first is when you first arrived you didnt pass the examination to see if you were able to work. these examinations were held regularly in the camp. if someone after being there for a while didnt pass the examination they would be killed. thats the second reason, you didnt pass the examination. the third reason is if you were unluckily picked out and sent here by one of the nazis. the extermination camp was a camp full of buildings. you would be sent inside the building and were told you’d be taking a shower. once inside, and the door sealed shut. the nazis would turn the “water” on. except water didnt come out of the nozels. gas did, suffocation everyone in there. the nazis had peep holes put into the walls of the buildings so they could watch the nazis die. once all the inmates that were gassed died the nazis would send people into the room to take the corpses to the chimneys. (the people who were sent to do this job were inmates the nazis chose) once all the bodies were transported to the chimneys they would check each of the mouths for gold teeth. remove the teeth then put the bodies into the fire burning chimney. if the chimneys were full then the inmates chose to do this job would take them to and put them in mass graves the inmates in the forces labor camps would dig. life here was horrible. the nazis would perform many ways of torture on the inmates. one way they tortured them was they put a candle in a room and some inmates in a room and seal the door. the candle would use up all the oxygen essentially suffocating the inmates. they would also put an inmates hands behind their back, tie a nuse around the hands, then put the other end of the nuse around a tree, pull the nuse till the inmates were lifted off the ground from their hands and make them hang there. this dislocated their shoulders and broke their arms. they would hang there in pain until they died of loss of blood or starvation. they would beat inmates to death. they would line up some inmates make them face away from the nazis then the nazis would stand with guns for a couple hours every few minutes killing another inmate and making them aniticipate their death. they would also preform many disgusting medical procedures on them. for example trying to put an inmates blue eyes into another inmates eye sockets that had brown eyes. they would take out their tongues, remove fingernails, remove ears, and even skin inmates. they did anything they wanted to them. it was horrible. and they most german citizens that werent jews and werent taken away didnt know this kind of thing was happening. they knew of the concentration camps but they didnt know what was going on. the nazis were sworn to secrecy and they werent even allowed to tell their families what they did. there were commericials on tv of concentration camps and they looked like the jews had it pretty well there. they would show families sitting down at a picnic table for lunch. they made it seem as though nothing was wrong with these camps. once the war was over many other countries came to relieve the camps. they had no idea of the extent of the happenings of the camps. actually my english teachers dad was one of the american soldiers that came and released the inmates at one of the camps. many things that happened at the camp werent even allowed to be put out to the public and on the internet. there are pictures that arent allowed to be released by the government and information about the occurences of the camps that is prohibited for the public to see.. its horrible

  167. Anonymous says:

    who’s site is this?

  168. Anonymous says:

    thats nasty

  169. Anonymous says:

    hitler killed anyone who he thought was not the correct nationality, he killed jews, gypsies, and anyone else who was not tall, blond, and blue eyes. he starved them to death and burned their bodys in furnseces. he also had a twin brother that died at birth

  170. Breanna says:

    This is terrible. I have to write a report on a subject for my creative writing class so im making a website. I needed pics for it so I have been looking for some that really show how terrible the holocaust was. You guys dont really understand that this is going to happen again. Who honestly gives how they look! ITS THE FACT THAT THEY WERE KILLED FOR SOMETHING THEY HAD NO CONTROL OVER!!!!!!!!! I want to cry everytime i see this sort of stuff. I have been to the holocaust museum 2 x in washington d.c. Take this picture times it by 1,000,000,000 and thats how much stuff is in there. Its terrible. I dare you all to go there and come out feeling happy and not wanting to cry. For anybody who thinks this is a joke which is a few of you go get some testing done on your fing brain to see if you have psychological problems

  171. Anonymous says:

    I cant belive you all have the gut to actully look at this, I feel sad so i cant even look at it!!!:( all those people died and its just not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT!:(

    • breanna says:

      some people dont want to look but we dont have a choice we have to accept it happened at by looking at these pictures it shows that we need to help to make sure it NEVER EVER HAPPENS AGAIN! It makes me want to cry every time i look at this picture or any other pictures thats like this. Its a terrible thing.

  172. fuckhitler says:

    fuck hitler.. he killed so many ppl.. fucking cunt

  173. Rachael Baty says:

    well this is sad ,
    the halocaust was a terrible thing thank god im not a jew .
    have you seen any of the other pictures its terrifying it makes me want to cry 😦 but got to go just got in trouble by the english teacher

  174. Rachael Baty says:

    haha the fing hitler person is freaking hilarious ahahhahaha!! ;]

  175. Anonymous says:

    U r all wrong my dad’s grandma and her family went through that shet and it is………….(ps: killing yourself fo a baby isnt stupid babies are our future)

  176. Anonymous says:

    after reading “NIGHT” of elie wiesel in english omg i cried so bad he guys u have to read that book so good but sad i hate the person that killed all those people i am sure he died very badly and will never rest in peace OMG

  177. Bianca says:

    I myself am german, as in i was born there and i lived there untill last year. I would like to say thay it was Hittler and the naziz who did the wrong, and there were plenty of people who spoke out against it who were German. My grandpa spoke out against it, but i never met him because he was killed.
    I am learning about the holocaust in English class, and i am 13 by the way 😀

  178. kak4444 says:

    how sad we are just learning this in class and it is so sad i wish Hitler did not do that stuff

  179. lilbiatch17 says:

    i think this is soooooo sick and people who belive in god im not bein funny or anythink but if there was 1 wer the fuck was he ?
    most people are soo dumb on here they dont even know what happend propperly look it up people and get your
    facts right plz
    gonna be sick this makes me discusted and soo angery hope he has rotted in hell fuckin hitler is a mother fucking bastard !!

    • tata says:

      god has nothing to do with this, god did’t do this ,men did this .
      don’t blame god for somethings ppl did it. if u do then why we have a thing called “free well” .

  180. tata says:

    u would kill ur self for the babies ?? realy ??
    is it just cuz they’s a jews or cuz they’r a babies ?
    if only cuz they’r babies so why don’t u see what realy happen to kids in GAZA NOW!!!
    pleas …
    u ppl have so many faces … say’s pullshit but acts NON

  181. consuelo says:

    wow im actually happy they were all killed=) i mean its a shame hitler didnt make them extinct. the world would be so much better without them! i love all these f-ing pictures=D

  182. anon says:

    All throughout history we have been anti-Semitic, it wasn’t only the nazis.

  183. dave says:

    This must never happen again,There are still people in
    countries today spending money on arms. killing, torturing, and hell bent on supressing people .instead
    of spending the money on mankind to get better lives
    We all should help each other. Too many greedy people
    Think about others before youself. And the world will be a far better place to live.
    God bless the people who were in the concentration camps. Dave Gill Yorkshire England

  184. Anonymous says:


  185. john says:

    this is so sad i want to throw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hitler was a fucking bastard and so were the peeps who followed him

    fuck its sad

  186. JewGirl says:

    I’m a Jewish girl and Hitler was someone who didn’t like Jews…it’s good you guys are still remembering, that’s the one thing us Jews try to get people to do. If anyone says that it was made up please tell them it wasn’t whoever does…is a beleiver and thank you!

  187. Anonymous says:

    hey idiots jewish people werent the only onr in the concetration camps the russians and pollish were to so dont think they were only plotting on jewish people they were also mad at the russians from world war 1 and i just had to say that because everyone thinks its based on jews only thats not true and all you should know this

  188. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  189. Former soviet slave says:

    “jewish people werent the only onr in the concetration camps the russians and pollish were to”
    If you do not know difference, it does not mean that there is not one.
    There were privileges even in concentration camp. Polish and Russian had rights to keep breathing, but Jews were subjects for immediate extermination

  190. amuslim girl says:

    iam sad about what happened for jews in the holocost oprations that was very hard for any person but exucuse me that is not areason for what they doing in palastin as there ar alot of the same operations to kill people and children . there is alot of countries lose many people like algiria lost amilion person . so pleas just think about what happen in palastin .

  191. Melanie says:

    ok the reason they died when they eat is because when a person has not had food in them for like say two months( your stomach is the size of a averge human fist) theyre stomachs will be the size or a small rock! so give that stomach food it’ll expolde cause its not use to it. And they killed all kinds of people not just jewish people he killed anyone that wasnt blue eyed perfeect german like hitler wanted even tho him self was jewish. pay attention in class btw im 16 & a junior in highschool

  192. dd says:

    i cant believe that hitler killed the jews because he wanted the race to be equal

  193. Ulanigida says:

    First their Rights were taken, then their Freedom was taken. Dignity nor Respect was shown or given then food was with held.They had clothes but they were ordered to remove their clothes and and told they would go through the ‘showers’ many were gased under that pretense and all the while the very clothes they had on their backs were rifled through and anything of value (including eye glasses) was taken by the Germans, often by means of using Jews themselves to do their dirty work in exchange for their lives and a bit of what was considered food and that was often not even given daily! Many would cut off their own fingers or flesh and eat them to stay alive. Most lived on hope that someone would care. Most died waiting! each of you may have seen one picture but there are many. Human beings were poisoned and while they died in excruciating pain their arms and legs were cut off.They were concious until either the poison killed them or they bled to death!
    Hitler was worse than an animal and his so called docters and scientists were even worse in the things they did. Sadists taken over by devils from hell!
    Some ask why the victims didn’t fight back. Some did. All had gotten to the point however of no return because the enemy worked gradually to remove rights and freedoms and when they isolated them, reality set in. They were captured behind walls and fences and mistreated by guards and gunned down if they resisted. This very thing is happening in America right now and people still believe the government would never do anything to hurt them. History repeats itself because America waited before doing anything to help those in camps, experimented on,murdered, starved…Be Not Decieved…God is NOT mocked for what so ever a man sows, so shall he reap. Leaders cause the nations they lead to reap the results of their decisions, actions and lack of actions because there are many that support those leaders right up until they themselves become victims of their own choices.
    You say you would do this or that but no one knows what they would do until they find themselves in the places they are talking about. Christ Jesus is the ONLY door to Father God and Salvation and Strength. Knowledge is freedom. Wisdom is sustaining and those who do not know will fall prey to the results!

  194. kravkid1 says:

    I would kill that hitler cuase he destroyed my religion and made people suffer for no reason, just becuase they were jewish. There are a half of a percent of jews in the world and i and my peers are trying slowly to rebuild our race and people. I hope you take my words very serious and i love the jews cause thats who i am and many other people

  195. Anonymous says:

    fuck hitler and all the kkk and all the races ppl in the world why cant u just fuckin get along u assholes ill kill ur fucking ass if u kill a jew or homosexual again u here me and i will kick ur damn races ass all the way to HELL

  196. unknown says:

    This is horrible do they feel power when they kill them? really. Are they so stupid that they can’t SEE that if they want people to work for them they need to have FOOD or warmth to be healthy and work. How could people just watch it happen and think it’s right to kill humans just like themselves

  197. WWII Dude says:

    you guys suck i mean there were more christians killed than jews!

  198. WWII Veteran says:

    You gnetlemen and ladies are blinded by what the Jewish authors are publishing, because they just will not allow you to realize that other races and religions were offected also. By the way, more Christians were killed than Jews, and pardon my saying, but that sucks so yes hurt Hitler(though not for the jews but for the Christians).

  199. Ulanigida says:

    To assume that we do not know or are not aware of the multitude of Innocents brutalized,tortured, starved and murdered is wrong.
    You simply can not put all victims under a broad spectrum and deny any of them.
    The point I am making is this, the intense hatred was pointed more directly and pointedly at the Jews. It has been that way far longer than just in Germany. It happened in the States as well.
    Hitler hated Jews,satan hates Jews because Father God has HIS Name upon and over them.
    The hatred of the enemy against the Jews included all other peoples they did the same vile evil and disgusting things to.
    Out of ALL those Innocents, men and women from all walks ONLY the Jews had no Nation of their own! They had NO one to care whether they had a home or a country or a nation except themselves and they fought and died and lived for every single thing they have gotten. No one GAVE them anything. In Abba Yahwhes time, which was just after that war,Abba Yahweh caused the NATION of ISRAEL to be Established and He keeps it because it and His People are His!
    He gave His People Dreams and Visions and drew them back to Israel and believe me they are still reurning and still having dreams and Visions.
    Let there be No Mistake, Abba Yahweh LOVES every single survivor and descendants of those survivors no matter what nation they live in and call home.
    The Land od Israel and Gods people have been maligned and accused of everything and while there are those that may not walk the walk, just as it is in every nation and country, they are still the most gracious and understanding of all nations. They offer unbiased help to all and seldom have I ever heard them run anyone or any nation down the tubes and NEVER have I heard them repute the same deaths and tortures and starvation and evil having been done to others the same as they.
    Some of their most beloved friends were other than professing Jews and they treasured them and treasure their memories yet today.
    The nations of the world tell a different story however and mislead people that do not know, have not been taught, have not seen the pictures or have not had family that survived that they were being ‘left out’ as it were of notice.
    There comes a time when every person MUST seek Truth for themselves instead of believing anyone elses assumptions, opinions or views. To do less is insulting to all those that went through that horrible black time and all descendants that are living today.I blieve in Justice and Justice begins with Truth…For ALL.

  200. Anonymous says:

    thats down

  201. Anonymous says:

    yeee ❤ thats foo was down huh

  202. Anonymous says:

    HITLER IS A SICK B****!!

  203. Alice says:

    IM only 11 I wanted to learn this on my own but Hitler is A jackass for this its so sad..

  204. Me, says:

    you guys all suck. this is stupid. idc if the holocause happened or not. its BS. why do you care?

  205. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, Some Of The People Commenting On This Are Freaking Retards. Are you Really That Dumb.?

  206. jamalio says:

    I feel for these people esp. the innocent children. this is hatred in full bloom from one man. I believe we should all learn from this and lets not hate one another.

    God made everyone of us unique, we should except people as they are and not criticise them of their skin color, or race, or where they are from. Jesus Christ died on the cross for “everyone” not just for one race. Imagine how the world will be like if we love one another.

  207. cassy67 says:

    hes a fuckin bitch

  208. Anonymous says:

    i fuckin hate hitler he killed so many innocent people and children

  209. CJ says:

    This is weird, Time magazine named Hitler as 1938 ‘Man of the Year’. It wasn’t meant to honor him but to acknowledge his influence in world events.

    Hitler and the NAZI’s are often referred to as right wing fascists but they were also left wing socialists. Hitler appealed to the people by promising entitlements and wealth to the poor. He was also a very emotional speaker and pulled on the heart strings of the German people. The next time you hear a politician speak ‘from the heart’ instead of ‘from the head’…think about how dangerous it can be to mix emotion and politics.

  210. Atef says:

    but the Israel do the same with the Palestinian

    i can’t believe that … killing people is a shit

  211. mary says:

    Santi, I can’t believe you leave all that garbage posted here. Are you doing a sociological project, demonstrating the range of responses to the Holocaust? Half the stuff here is pretty disgusting.

  212. Antisemitismus antimambla snsnsnsnsns shshdhshdhshshdhshdhdudhshdhshdhshs ddieidjejdjeeidjdjudhebd drangsaliert lockig einen Tipp torheit eignen

  213. Roy West says:

    Enemies of the people. After the jewish boycott of German good in 1934, something had to be done. Eliminate the problem.

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