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Adam and Eve Did Not Exist. What Now?

Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, at The New Republic, states the problem succinctly: The most recent scientific finding that’s causing Christian ferment is the calculation by evolutionary geneticists that the smallest size the population of humans could have experienced when it … Continue reading

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Why was Socrates Put to Death?

At Slate, David Auerbach summarizes philosopher Rebecca Goldstein’s take on why Socrates died: Goldstein [in her new book, Plato at the Googleplex] argues that Socrates was ultimately executed because he deferred to no one’s authority and tore down Athens’ idealized … Continue reading

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Female Elephants Rescue a Baby Elephant from Drowning

Pretty life affirming. Watching this works your nerves, but they do manage to get the baby out. Absent hands and tools, these adult elephants use their trunks, their bodies, and a willingness to run risks to their own lives to … Continue reading

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