Atheist Bart Compolo, Meet Joseph Koerner

Pretty darn interesting. Bart Compolo, a former evangelical minister who evolved intellectually toward atheism, has discovered the world needs some of the same basic things that he did as a pastor, so he’s doing them in a low-key way at the University of Southern California, ministering (is that the right word?) to humanist students. It reminds me of Joseph Koerner’s book on art during the German Reformation (The Reformation of the Image, University of Chicago Press), in which Koerner notes numerous parallels between the Protestant pastor and congregation of the 16th century and the college professor and college class of today. Anyway, a life affirming article about what happens when a person does their level best to be true to themselves (exercising their temperamental gifts, their honest beliefs and interests, etc.) and stays honest with others. I wish there were more people who would simply risk telling the truth, living vulnerable in the world, admitting their honest doubts.

Here’s the link to Koerner’s book:


The son of a famous pastor, Bart Campolo is now a rising star of atheism — using the skills he learned in the world he left behind.

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1 Response to Atheist Bart Compolo, Meet Joseph Koerner

  1. I watch this phenomena with great interest. I’ve noticed there’s a (small) wave of atheists who seem to embrace atheism on a quasi-evangelical level. Not as sceptics, but as believers. Fascinating stuff.

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