Blogging UFOs: Alien Invasion and the Asian Giant Hornet?

If UFOs with aliens in them are really starting to visit our planet in greater earnest (as UFO believers claim, most notably Temple University professor, David Jacobs), and if those aliens do not, in fact, have warm and cuddly intentions toward us (as Jacobs also fears), then might the colony of humans on Earth be akin to a colony of honey bees facing the Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarina )?

Here’s biologist Jerry Coyne on what happens when these creepy alien invaders descend upon the backyard honey bee’s happy home:

[A] small band of these wasps, incited by a single scout wasp, who finds a nest and marks it for doom by depositing a drop of pheromone that attracts its confreres, can decimate a colony of 30,000 Asian honeybees in a few hours, decapitating the hapless bees with their slashing jaws. They then raid the bee colony of honey and grubs, which they bring back to their own nests to deposit in the maws of their own voracious larval wasps.

Yikes. What if the UFO sightings of the past 60 years are just the alien scouts that are signaling a much larger invasion? Wasn’t that alleged Phoenix Lights spacecraft back in 1997 “Asian giant hornet” huge compared to our little human honey bee airplanes?

Are we done for?

I can imagine, before this disaster, a honey bee talking to a news reporter:

BEE: I recall seeing this giant flying thing over our colony, hovering, and then it descended and landed right in front of me. I was really startled. Then it flew back into the sky and disappeared. I don’t even know how it got off the ground, it was so big. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. And it was apparently under intelligent control.

REPORTER: Did it seem hostile?

BEE: No, it basically ignored me. I think it knew I was there, but it didn’t care. It just flew over, landed for a moment, then quickly departed again. It was all very fast.

REPORTER: Are you sure you weren’t just seeing things?

BEE: I know what I saw.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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