Physicist Lawrence Krauss’s Ultimate Origins Talk at AAI

I’m an agnostic who is not really all that sympatico with movement atheism, but earlier this month, I attended all of the Saturday sessions of the Atheist Alliance International (AAI) annual conference in Burbank, California. Most of the luminaries of the New Atheist movement (Dawkins, Dennett, Coyne, Shermer etc.) were in attendance, or speaking, at the conference, but the person who gave, by far, the most stimulating talk of the day was physicist Lawrence Krauss.

Krauss’s talk was so stimulating (it led off the morning) that the rest of the day felt like a tired and thoroughly predictable let down (at least for me). Krauss is clever and funny and thinks hard and honestly about the ontological mystery. He doesn’t think that the perplexing questions of the ultimate origins of things are silly or uninteresting to ponder. He’s one of those “I’m an atheist, but” kind of atheists who I deeply respect. Anyway, Krauss’s AAI conference talk has been posted to YouTube, and I’ve embedded it below. It is well worth an hour of your time.

And an LA Examiner report on the above talk is here.

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