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If evolution is true, why do young earth creationists so often win public debates with evolutionists?

It’s sometimes said that evolutionists come out on the short end of public debates with creationists, and this is evidence that evolution is a weaker theory than scientists are generally willing to admit. But think about it. The idea that … Continue reading

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Are Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek Authoritarian Leftists?

At Dissent, Alan Johnson worries that two revered intellectual theorists, Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek, are increasingly sounding—it’s hard to be polite about this—old school authoritarian: I propose to write a series of posts on what I will call the “new authoritarian … Continue reading

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An atheist’s despair at the universe’s apparent lack of purpose—and a plea for meaning?

Some of the lyrics: Give me something to believe. Cause I am living just to breath. And I need something more to keep on breathing for. So give me something to believe. Is atheism a dead end that leads to … Continue reading

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Charles Darwin and the Looming 21st Century Eugenics Debate

By Victorian standards, and even by our own, Charles Darwin was a sensitive and liberal person—someone who clearly loved animals and human beings, and opposed slavery. And, like a theologian justifying God’s ways to man, I think that Darwin did … Continue reading

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the Secular and Humanist West

As a thoroughly secular (and unrepentent) humanist, I nevertheless feel that there is some truth in what Alexander Solzhenitsyn had to say about humanism and the Enlightenment. Below are excerpts from a speech that Solzhenitsyn gave at Harvard in 1978. The … Continue reading

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William Dembski’s Desperate Ad Hoc Move to Salvage Monotheism’s “Death Came into the World by Adam and Eve” Doctrine

There are few examples of ad hoc argumentation better than the one contained in William Dembski’s recent book, The End of Christianity. It is here that Dembski attempts to save a failed hypothesis—death came into the world by Adam and Eve’s sin—with this argument: … Continue reading

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