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The Separation of Church and Sex

Masturbation is liberation. In light of the fact that God appears to be hidden and silent, what could be the (non-question begging) foundations for proscribing sexual behavior? Sex seeks to hijack the mind and body to a very particular agenda … Continue reading

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An Atheist Leads a Prayer at a City Council Meeting…

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke, but it made me smile. Naturally, before Preston Smith, an atheist, got started on his invocation, a number of the pious council members of the fine city of Lake Worth, Florida, split … Continue reading

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Cringe inducing: Christians talk about Obama’s sincerity in prayer

Before watching these rich and privileged “Christians”—in an unironic, shameless, and grotesque display of stupidity, smug certitude, and self-righteousness—make sure you have a barf bag near at hand: Gretchen Carlson’s taut little observation that President Obama is not a church-goer is especially repugnant: But Mr. Speaker, … Continue reading

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Is going to church a form of weakness (a way of not dealing with what life is)?

In a recent thread, Trishothinks moves in the direction of deism and says the following: I hate to say this (because of my strong Christian upbringing), but now I believe that people who go to church are “weak”. They need … Continue reading

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Imagine getting dressed up to attend a science lecture every Sunday morning

Karl Giberson recently made an observation that startled me: Most people think more highly of their religion than their science. Imagine trying to get 100 million Americans to dress up for a science lecture every Sunday morning — and then … Continue reading

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Holy Trinity Oil Anointing for Obama the King?

I’m an agnostic, and believe strongly in the separation of church and state. And I also think that it is dangerous to talk about presidents in the language of royalty. But I actually found this ritual to be sincere—and even a … Continue reading

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