Blogging UFOs: A Fresh Baked Alien Cookie

This afternoon it occurred to me that aliens, being a source of sexual and nightmare anxiety for a lot of people, might lead them to make images of aliens into food. You can’t be too scared of something that you can fashion with your hands, cook, and eat, right? And if you can manage at least a bit of your anxiety about the devil with Devil’s Food Cake, or ghosts and witches with cookie cutters in the shapes of ghosts and witches, then surely aliens are a prime candidate for anxiety reducing “food translation” as well.

Curious, I Googled “alien cookie images” and found lots of them. The above image was especially menacing, a kind of Medusa that turns you to stone. It was posted by a dad who wrote:

My son made this Alien when he was baking Christmas cookies with his mom. We never did eat this one – and finally threw it away after nearly a year in our refrigerator.

Haunting. Ala  Roswell, capturing the alien in a photograph, then refrigerating it, as if dead, is surely a way to bring the scowling creature under family control. I think it’s potentially telling that nobody in the family could quite bring themselves to eat this particular alien. Perhaps it had grown stale, or seemed just too creepy to bite. It might, afterall, bite you back while inside you. Rather than throw it away, they might have lacquered it and put it over their front door as a way of scaring off solicitors. But it might have scared off others as well. 

Perhaps you have to put a happy face on edible aliens; otherwise you feel as if you might be ingesting something evil.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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4 Responses to Blogging UFOs: A Fresh Baked Alien Cookie

  1. You can delete this post after you’ve read it.

    Before you find out the hard way, you need to get your own photo website because these days many pay for bandwidth and aren’t real happy to find their picture on someone elses site with ‘their’ jpg. 95% do not care that you use their picture as long as you create your own jpg.

    Here’s a free website and simple to use.


  2. santitafarella says:

    Thank you for the advice. I didn’t know that the jpg was coming off another bandwidth.


  3. annyikha says:

    I would have eaten that alien cookie.

    Then again, I enjoy eating octopus. And those tentacles seldom look happy. 😀

  4. Parker says:

    The reason I didn’t eat the cookie was because I liked it too much. It was more entertaining to look at it than have it in my stomach. And yes it did go stale.

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