A Stomp is Not an Argument: Rand Paul Supporters Tear a Wig off a Woman, Drag Her to the Ground, Then One of The Crowd Stomps on Her Head

Rand Paul supporters show their respect for Western liberal democracy, freedom of expression, and a woman’s right to approach Rand Paul:

Message: Total message control. Don’t ever, ever approach Rand Paul. Ever.


UPDATE: Here’s the unedited AP clip of the incident:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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8 Responses to A Stomp is Not an Argument: Rand Paul Supporters Tear a Wig off a Woman, Drag Her to the Ground, Then One of The Crowd Stomps on Her Head

  1. andrewclunn says:

    Ever suspiciously edited video of a woman who’s there to mock Rand Paul with a fake award on behalf of a blatant propaganda machine (MoveOn.org) and then when one man stomps her and another IMMEDIATELY tells him to stop, the conclusion is that Ran Paul supporters are violent? Try again Santi, try again.

    • santitafarella says:


      Would you tear a wig off of another human being’s head? Would you pull her to the ground to keep her from mocking a deity or politician at close distance? Mockers and skeptics within earshot of deities and politicians are good things. We need more of them everywhere.

      And the wig tearing and the dragging occurred before the stomp. The stomp was the last step of a sexist escalation against a woman exercising her freedom of speech.

      I see this as yet another example of the Palin model: total message control. Move in a bubble. Your followers instinctively know what to do with outsiders (journalists, women, or liberals who get too close or don’t conform to the controlled and managed narrative).


      • andrewclunn says:

        Here’s the raw video as presented by AP.

        What happened the 20 seconds before this point? Was the camera not on before this point? Is it more difficult to post more than 50 seconds of video, even with slow motion repeats of the stomp and a quick reaction from the women ‘stompee’ afterwards?

        This is fishy, plain and simple fishy. And to use it to try and type cast ALL tea party people (which is EXACTLY how this is being presented) a week before election day? I smell a set up.

      • santitafarella says:

        Well, it is certainly nice to see a good citizen among the Rand supporters stepping in to say “No, no, no” to the head stomper guy. But the AP footage scarcely offers much by way of absolving the people involved in the incident.

        It may be that this woman becomes a martyr a week out from election day. It’s a distressing video image. And no I don’t make the hasty generalization that all Rand supporters are as ignorant as those in the video. But the ones perpetrating in the video are vile sexists.

        I’ll go ahead and add the AP clip to the original post.


  2. TomH says:

    Funny how one-sided your posts about political assaults are.

    • santitafarella says:


      One sided? Really? Please share with me the other side of this story. Middle age men take the wig off a 23 year old woman half their age and weight. She was attempting to exercise her First Amendment rights. While doing so, they bring her to the ground and one of them stomps on her head. What’s the other side of this?

      Can you imagine being the pathetic and sexist man who stomped on her going home to his wife and children? “What did you do today?” “Oh, I pulled the wig off of, and brought to the ground, a woman young enough to be my daughter. She was half my weight, and she was trying to exercise her right to freedom of speech. I stopped her. I shut her up. And when she was on the ground, unable to move or speak, I stomped on her head. I would have kept on stomping, but somebody waved me away.”


    • andrewclunn says:

      I don’t think Santi is being one sided. i do think that his sources of news do tend to have a lean to them, but he’s very receptive of new information, even if it doesn’t fit with the previous narrative he’s been given.

      Besides, further looking into this particular event show that yes, this was probably a real case of assault.

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