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Gay Marriage Debate Watch: Barney Frank Totally Owns Tony Perkins

The below segment of a recent Chris Matthews show is simply devastating. It shows Chris Matthews and Barney Frank intellectually eviscerating Tony Perkins, argument by argument. The political ground is shifting fast on gay marriage, and this clip nicely illustrates why.

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Gay-Bashing? Mitt Romney Laughs At The Accusation And Says, “I Don’t Remember That Incident”

Would you remember if you held down a gay student, at the age of eighteen, and hacked off his girlish hair? Would you laugh about it now? The right is correct to be in a panic over this. The way … Continue reading

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No “Las Vegas Of Gay Marriage”: Mitt Romney Boasts He Once Hindered Gay Marriage Through A Legal Maneuver

This is at the Daily Beast today: [Mitt] Romney bragged in a speech last winter about how, after the Massachusetts State Supreme Court legalized gay marriage there in 2003, he invoked an early 20th century law intended to prevent out-of-state … Continue reading

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