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Messianic prophecy, Jesus, and an inconvenient fact

Am I impressed that the Hebrew Bible (the “Old Testament”) has numerous chapters and passages that seem to foreshadow Jesus’s ministry and death? No. Why? Because their predictive value is vastly diminished by an inconvenient fact: THE WRITERS OF THE NEW … Continue reading

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12 reasons that people are attracted to End Times woo

About half of all Americans believe that, within the next generation or so, humanity will come under the domination of an evil global ruler, experience the apocalypse described in the Book of Revelation, and witness the second coming of Christ. But why do they think this? … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: The Leopard in the Book of Daniel?

The person in the YouTube video below says that he finds Barack Obama in Bible prophecy. President Obama, apparently, is the leopard found in Daniel: __________ If anything that this prophet says makes sense to you, and you are taking medications, you … Continue reading

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